Planet of the Apes

Tomorrow's Tide - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: Virdon and Burke's hands are a few inches apart as they grasp the raft and swim to shore in the close up, but are two feet apart in the long shot.


The Tyrant - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: After being knocked unconscious by the gorilla soldier, Janor's arms move from being at his side in the close ups to outstretched in the long shots.


The Liberator - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: The knife the prisoner is using to fight the guards is obviously rubber.


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Trivia: In the early 1990's, Roddy McDowall (Galen) was asked what happened to Burke and Virdon after the series ended, as it was abruptly canceled. He replied they found a rocket ship ship, took off, and went back to their own Earth and time.


Trivia: The Planet of the Apes TV series was filming in the same California hills the same time as M*A*S*H. Both shows were merely one hill away and over from the other.


Urko: These humans are dangerous, don't you understand that? They think that they're as good as we are.

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