Continuity mistake: When Robbie throws his jacket to cover the clown, he throws it effortlessly and misses by far; one can even notice he throws it quite low. Shot changes and the jacket is flying high at a bigger speed.


Continuity mistake: Before the clown attacks him, Robbie stretches his right arm and turns the light off. A shot later his right arm is resting by his side, and he is lowering his left arm.


Continuity mistake: When Carol Ann is in the kitchen while her mom is doing the chair demonstration she is holding up a toy with her left hand and helmet in the right hand. When chair slides across the kitchen floor a close up shows Carol Ann yawning then immediately back to her holding the items. Clearly they inserted the yawn scene in as an after thought.


Continuity mistake: The window in Robbie and Carol Ann's room never has a mini blind. After the tree breaks through the window and the family races up to their room the window is intact with a blind in it. (00:39:00)

Continuity mistake: When the parapsychologists are attempting to record Carol Anne through the TV set, Ryan's hands are by his headphones, but the next shot shows him move his hands to his headphones again.


Continuity mistake: When the big throat is menacing the kids, Carol Anne's position swaps from being left or right to Robbie randomly between shots.


Continuity mistake: When the ghostbusters team goes upstairs with Steve for the first time, Ryan takes his bag off twice.


Continuity mistake: When Robbie is trapped by the tree and Carol Ann is about to be abducted, his bed cover keeps changing back and forth from messy to perfectly folded.


Continuity mistake: In the pool, Diane is surrounded by at least 4 bodies floating together; however, when she grabs the hose to climb up, half a second later, the overview of the pool shows just 2 bodies quite a distance each away from each other. In the next close-up, the 4 bodies reappear.


Continuity mistake: From the outside, Robbie watches the tree and walks backwards to his bed, made and with a green cover on. When the angle changes, the sheets are different and the bed is unmade.


Continuity mistake: The first night Robbie is watching the tree there are three Star Wars toys by the window. From the opposite angle, the amount and distance between each other is totally different.


Continuity mistake: While the neighbour's TV swaps from playing the football game to Mr. Rogers, the guy in green on the background lowers the phone. A frame later from a different angle his hand is up and he is repeating the previous movement.


Continuity mistake: After Dianne says "Stay away from the light" a scientist is standing behind a woman saying there might be walkie-talkies in the home. A frame later he is standing in front of her.


Continuity mistake: During the big-throat scene, Carol Anne's feet alternate between rapid up and down movement, still or just slightly up and down.


Continuity mistake: When Steve's high on pot and tells Diane he loves her, he has his hand raised. A frame later it's down by the blanket.


Continuity mistake: When Diane falls in the pool, the distance to the floating corpse on the left increases or decreases randomly depending on the shot.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the film, the dog is seen going from room to room looking for food. Just before he goes into Dana's room, someone can be seen through the crack in the door, moving from left to right.

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Carol Anne Freeling: They're here.

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Trivia: The scene where the ghosts stacked the chairs on the kitchen table was filmed in one take with no cuts. As the camera followed Diane Freeling to the kitchen sink, the crew members rushed to the table, put an already built pyramid of chairs on the table and then took away the individual chairs.

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Question: Why was only the Freelings' house sucked into the vortex? Since it was discovered that the developer only moved the headstones but left the bodies, shouldn't other houses that were also built over the cemetery have also been dragged in?

Answer: It seems that the majority of the activity was focusing in on the Freeling house exclusively. It's not fully explained why they were the only house affected, but there are a number of possibilities. Possibly because it's where the highest concentration of spirits were at unrest. Possibly because it could be inferred that the Freelings moved in first given Steven was involved with the company that built the community, and thus they became the first targets. And possibly because they were trying to get to Carol-Anne since she was an easy target.

Also, it is mentioned in the movie that Carol Anne was actually born in the house. That likely caused everything to focus on her.

It was not meant that Carol Anne was literally born inside the house, just while the family was living there. It was just a casual colloquial expression Steven's boss made.


Answer: A poltergeist haunts a person rather than a place. Though building the neighborhood over their graves is what initially disturbed the ghosts, they are fixated on Carol Anne.


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