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Corrected entry: Throughout the film, it is emphasized that Pokémon are behaving strangely because they've noticed the changes in nature. This same rule should apply to Meowth (who is still a Pokémon regardless of his human-like behavior), yet he never seems affected

Correction: This particular Meowth is not a normal (no pun intended) Pokémon. He does not behave naturally, and therefore the shifts in nature do not affect him in the same way. Other Pokémon are wild animals or tamed pets, while this Meowth is a fully cognizant intelligent being. Perhaps he feels it, but he is at the very least able to resist responding to it.

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Corrected entry: The Collector is never identified by name, even in the Japanese version. But despite popular belief, his name is not "Lawrence III," it is Gelarden (or Jirarudan from the romanization of the katakana used to spell his name). The English dub using closed-captioning will show this.

Correction: While the closed captioning of the movie refers to him as "Gelardan", the official novelization refers to him as Lawrence III, and calls him "Stealthius" twice. His name in English is not well-defined, but Lawrence III is just as valid as any other name given.

Corrected entry: When all the Pokémon gather, we can see several Pokémon that cannot learn Surf (an attack that allows Pokémon to swim across water), or Fly (self-explanatory) - for example, Venusaur. They could not have been carried, as there isn't a common Pokémon large, or strong enough, to support the likes of Venusaur's heavy weig

Correction: Most of the water in the Orange Uslands was frozen over, so the Pokemon that couldn't use Fly or Surf would be able to get to Shamuti Island with no problem.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Ash's Mom scolds Ash for risking his life and almost getting killed while Professor Oak and Professor Ivy and the news crew climb down from the mountain. Now, the whole reason Tracey is traveling with Ash & Misty is that he is waiting for the chance to meet Professor Oak and have his work reviewed. So why doesn't Tracey flip out when Oak meets up with Ash & Misty?

Correction: Tracey was never introduced to Professor Oak, so if he didn't know what Prof Oak looks like, the only indication is that Oak says, "That he must tell the other researchers from pallet town."

Corrected entry: Supposedly all the wild Pokémon from around the world have come to help out Lugia. So where are Ash's Pidgeot and Butterfree? Surely they would have seen their former friend risking his life out there and come to help?

Correction: By this time Butterfree has spent more time away from Satoshi (Ash) than with him. I doubt any insect's memory is that good. Besides, they both have important lives to live, and I doubt -every- pokémon came to help. That would be an immeasurable amount, and include pokémon not yet known about.

Corrected entry: Why do the leigon of Pokémon that gather on the ice just stand there? It was obvious Lugia was having trouble avoiding the three Legendary Birds, and since the random Pokémon were supposedly willing to do anything to protect the world, why didn't they buy any time? I know they couldn't have taken down the Legendary Birds (though with all of those Pokémon there, that would be a stretch), but at least do somethin

Correction: listen to lugia: he says that those pokemon want to help, but don't know what the heck to do.

Corrected entry: After Ash and his friends arrive at Shamouti Island and meet Melody, Melody refers to Misty by her name. How is this possible if no one introduced Misty?

Correction: Misty is a Gym Leader and thefore she would be slightly famous.

Corrected entry: The English title of the film is "The Power of One," and Warner Brothers used this ad campaign that "one person can make a difference." However, Ash has help all throughout the movie. He's helped by Marin to get to Fire Island, he's helped by his Pokémon to free Moltres and to travel to Ice Island, he's helped by Melody by using her boat, he's helped by Lawrence releasing him from the cage, he's helped by the birds destroying the fortress, he's helped by Lugia several times, he's helped by Team Rocket to get the final treasure, he's helped by Melody in calming down the Gods, and he's helped by Misty when he almost drowns in the ocean. So what's with this "Power of One" stuff?

Correction: What they mean by "Power of One" is that Ash is the only who has the choice to save the world. He's the only one who can retrieve the stones and put it on the shrine on Shamouti Island. He made a big difference making that choice.

Corrected entry: When Ash and co. arrive on Shamouti Island, Melody doesn't seem to know who Misty is, hence her asking if she was Ash's girlfriend. Five seconds later, she calls Misty by her name. Yes, Misty is a Gym Leader and she would be famous, but Melody didn't know who Misty was a few moments ago, so this doesn't fly.

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Correction: Even if you know who someone is, that doesn't mean you know everything about them. How else could she have known that they weren't a couple without asking?


She did ask if Misty was his girlfriend. She did not know if they were a couple or not. She also asked if she was Ash's sister, so it's clear she didn't know who Misty was, but suddenly knew her name.

Factual error: In the opening short "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure" in the Bellossom song and dance scene a Poliwhirl calls itself a Poliwrath. This is obviously a mistake because of the body differences between the Pokemon.

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Trivia: Since it is mostly inappropriate to mention religion in a children's film in the United States, the Pokemon gods were changed into "Titans."


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Question: This is supposed to take place roughly around the episode Charizard Chills Out (either before or after). Tracey meets Professor Oak, but in episode "The Underground Round-up" he says "I can't wait to get to Pallet Town either Ash, to meet Professor Oak" like the movie never actually took place. Also, Ash could have given Professor Oak the GS ball at that time. When really does the movie take place? As Ash still has his Lapras, which he releases in the previous episode.

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