Pokemon: The Movie 2000

Trivia: The ancient legend in the tablet is very different in both versions. In the English version, it says that the Titans of Ice, Lightning, and Fire must be stopped by collecting the three treasures and awakening the beast of the sea, and the world will turn to Ash. In the Japanese version, it says that the God of the Sea will battle the Gods of Fire, Ice, and Lightning, and will fail, thus a superior master will rise up and save the world. The last line "and the world will turn to Ash." is not in the Japanese version, as Ash's Japanese name is Satoshi, named after the creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri.

Trivia: Since it is mostly inappropriate to mention religion in a children's film in the United States, the Pokemon gods were changed into "Titans."


Trivia: The Japanese title of the Pikachu mini-movie is "Pikachu's Exploration Party," whereas the English version is called "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure."

Trivia: When the movie was released in the U.S., moviegoers received with it an Ancient Mew card or a card based on one of the Legendary Birds. However, in Japan, moviegoers received a little booklet that was basically a biography of the Pokemon collector Jirarudan and included information such as the death of his mother, the start of his collection that began with a Mew card, and the name of his flying fortress, Hikoukyu. Because the booklet was never adapted into English, 4Kids replaced some of Jirarudan's dialogue with a little background information.

Trivia: The Japanese title of the film is "The Explosive Birth of the Phantom Pokémon Lugia." However, it also gives an alternate English title, Revelation Lugia.

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Question: This is supposed to take place roughly around the episode Charizard Chills Out (either before or after). Tracey meets Professor Oak, but in episode "The Underground Round-up" he says "I can't wait to get to Pallet Town either Ash, to meet Professor Oak" like the movie never actually took place. Also, Ash could have given Professor Oak the GS ball at that time. When really does the movie take place? As Ash still has his Lapras, which he releases in the previous episode.

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