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Corrected entry: How do the Pleasantville inhabitants know what green, blue and yellow is? If everything's supposed to be in black and white, plus they don't think there's anything outside of Pleasantville, how do they even know what colours are?

Correction: The basis of Pleasantville is that it is old TV show. They know what blue and rain are, but because it is an old and perfect world they have experienced neither.


Corrected entry: When David is showing off his Pleasantville knowledege to his friend, he says "Why did his parents come home early from the weekend at the lakes?" If there's nothing outside Pleasantville, where did they go? (00:06:10)

Correction: They went to the lakes. They are obviously within Pleasantville - there's a lake at lovers' lane for example.


Corrected entry: Just after David and Jennifer are sent to Pleasantville they are walking to school. To protest the situation Jennifer takes off her barrette and throws it into the bushes. However, when they get to school she is wearing the barrette again. She continues to wear it for the rest of the day. (00:18:20)

Correction: It only appears that Jennifer throws the barrette down, because she makes a downward striking motion with her hand, but when David turns her around to face him, you can see her holding the barrette in her right hand.

Corrected entry: Pleasantville's basketball team is known for never losing a game to any other school. But in the movie, there's nothing outside of Pleasantville; all the Pleasantville people say so. If this is true, who is the Pleasantville basketball team playing against?

Correction: A crosstown rival, perhaps? Obviously there are plenty of cities and towns with more than one high school. Granted, one school always losing isn't very pleasant, but that's irrelevant, given that the only important school is the one that the main characters of the sitcom go to.

Correction: How do you know cheese burgers were unknown? It's the only food the people in Pleasantville order in the burger bar, plus the burger bar owner goes on to say that there are no cheese burgers because David/Bud hasn't done things in the usual order.


Corrected entry: When Bud shows the art book to Bill, he is looking through it on the counter. After a lot of close-ups of turning pages they end up sitting at a table. (00:59:45)


Correction: It's a big book full of pages, it's entirely feasible that they got up and mooved into a more comfortable position, there is no suggestion that the opening to the closing of the book is in real time.


Corrected entry: When the Black and White people turn coloured, their clothes change too. Whereas when Betty Parker turns coloured, it's only her head that changes and not her clothes.

Correction: Some people in Pleasantville changed gradually, like the girl whose tongue & lips turned color first before the rest of her did. Others changed suddenly. Not everyone is meant to change at the same pace, so this inconsistency is not a mistake.

Matty Blast

Factual error: You can see the 3 point line painted out on the basketball court, they never had 3 point lines in the 50s. (00:21:55)

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David: Yeah, where's our lawyer?
Big Bob: Oh, I think we want to keep these proceedings as pleasant as possible.

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Trivia: The film was filmed entirely in color and had the color removed from the black and white portions in post-production.


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Question: Wouldn't David & Jennifer's mom be worried about the sudden disappearance of her daughter, seeing as how Jennifer stayed behind in Pleasantville rather than returning to the "real world"?

Answer: We don't see much of the "real world" after David returns other than his conversation with his mother. I am sure in time she would have been worried but there seem to be many unanswered questions which might make it not so simple.

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