The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

Brainchild: I knew it was possible.
Adult Taylor: Not only is it possible, we know exactly where it is.
Brainchild: How?
Adult Taylor: Mika and Joey were able to track it down and attach a beacon. Our team is on the way.
Brainchild: Where's Mika now?
Adult Taylor: Unfortunately, she is the beacon.
[Shows undead rhino eating Mika and swallowing her.].

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Markys: He's responding to the process. I think you saved his life.
Adult Taylor: He did the fighting, Markys. I just gave him the tools.

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Dredge: No monsters allowed in the hallway! You, you'll have to leave immediately! You have to leave now!
Bruce: Dredge, no! Get away from them! What are you doing!?
Dredge: This... Is a boarding school for orphaned children, not orphaned monsters! You-Your assignment for next week is to prepare a 10-page- no, no, no, no, make it a 100-page, single-spaced,12-point Helvetica apology, in bold, mind you, in bold...for trespassing on our property. Do you understand? Do you? Do you understand, you stupid, foul, skunky, stinky, ugly, slobbering monster!?
[Crypt Eaters pounce Dredge and Dredge screams in agony.].

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