The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

Revealing mistake: Dredge assigns the Crypt Eaters homework, at which point they pounce on him and kill him. As they are "eating" him and supposedly biting off pieces of him, with him beginning to make gurgling sounds like blood filling the lungs, you can see that his digital model gets no damage. The Crypt Eaters are just wiggling their faces against him, their mouths, teeth, and faces just passing through Dredge in a very horribly animated death scene.


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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Taylor finds Sparks hiding under a bed. Taylor then gives him a tissue, and when Sparks reaches for it, his hand passes through the frame of the bed.


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Revealing mistake: After Bruce gets Taylor back to his room, he says to lock the door and then leaves. He goes by the door, and his arm goes into the door, and the doorknob passes through his belly.


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Revealing mistake: As John is walking up to the view portal and sees the girl being attacked by the sleeping bag zombies, watch his shirt. As he stops, there is a texture glitch in the animation and his shirt flickers a few times.


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Revealing mistake: After the zombies attack, Taylor is in a car with Bruce. First it shows Taylor in the rear view mirror, then cuts to show him. The mirror was not showing a mirrored reflection of Taylor.


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Revealing mistake: Any time a character is walking or running in this movie, their feet slide around on the ground like ice.

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Revealing mistake: After The Corpse first gets back out of 'hell', he saves a girl from some zombies in sleeping bag-like sacks. As they jump towards him, the animation is bad and they flicker around on the ground like a game glitch.


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Dredge: No monsters allowed in the hallway! You, you'll have to leave immediately! You have to leave now!
Bruce: Dredge, no! Get away from them! What are you doing!?
Dredge: This... Is a boarding school for orphaned children, not orphaned monsters! You-Your assignment for next week is to prepare a 10-page- no, no, no, no, make it a 100-page, single-spaced,12-point Helvetica apology, in bold, mind you, in bold...for trespassing on our property. Do you understand? Do you? Do you understand, you stupid, foul, skunky, stinky, ugly, slobbering monster!?
[Crypt Eaters pounce Dredge and Dredge screams in agony.].



When the zombies have Taylor, The Corpse and Taylor have a conversation while the other zombies just hold him. Zombies would not have just held him without eating for so long.