The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

Continuity mistake: Some bullies give Taylor a swirly in the bathroom. When they lift his head and face, he is not wet at all. (00:18:35)

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Revealing mistake: Dredge assigns the Crypt Eaters homework, at which point they pounce on him and kill him. As they are "eating" him and supposedly biting off pieces of him, with him beginning to make gurgling sounds like blood filling the lungs, you can see that his digital model gets no damage. The Crypt Eaters are just wiggling their faces against him, their mouths, teeth, and faces just passing through Dredge in a very horribly animated death scene. (00:51:10)

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Audio problem: John goes back to the school and sees a girl walking out the front door. He yells "WHERE'S TAYLOR!?" at her, but his mouth does not open. (00:58:00)

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More mistakes in The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

Dredge: No monsters allowed in the hallway! You, you'll have to leave immediately! You have to leave now!
Bruce: Dredge, no! Get away from them! What are you doing!?
Dredge: This... Is a boarding school for orphaned children, not orphaned monsters! You-Your assignment for next week is to prepare a 10-page- no, no, no, no, make it a 100-page, single-spaced,12-point Helvetica apology, in bold, mind you, in bold...for trespassing on our property. Do you understand? Do you? Do you understand, you stupid, foul, skunky, stinky, ugly, slobbering monster!?
[Crypt Eaters pounce Dredge and Dredge screams in agony.].

Markys: He's responding to the process. I think you saved his life.
Adult Taylor: He did the fighting, Markys. I just gave him the tools.

Brainchild: I knew it was possible.
Adult Taylor: Not only is it possible, we know exactly where it is.
Brainchild: How?
Adult Taylor: Mika and Joey were able to track it down and attach a beacon. Our team is on the way.
Brainchild: Where's Mika now?
Adult Taylor: Unfortunately, she is the beacon.
[Shows undead rhino eating Mika and swallowing her.].

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