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Corrected entry: How can Riddick possibly examine a skeleton and determine how the sensory system of a completely alien lifeform works enough to discover a binocular blind spot in a predator's vision? Bad enough that a predator wouldn't be able to see something directly in front of it (a massive hole in its hunting ability), but anyone not a trained biologist shouldn't be able to diagnose this from a few minutes with a skeleton.


Correction: He's playing a hunch, nothing more, nothing less. It's not unreasonable to assume that he could make a guess of this nature - given the protrusions on the side of the head, it's a reasonable guess that they might contain sensory organs. And, with regards to their blind spot, you're a predator, too, and you can't see the small area directly in front of your mouth either.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Riddick and Fry go back for the two survivors, they forget to bring the lights that Riddick offered Fry at the spaceship and instead return with only the first bottle of glow slugs.


Correction: Thie lights Riddick offered are broken. You see him smash them, after he shuts the door of the ship. When he offered them to Fry, he was mocking her.

Corrected entry: After Riddick has shaved his head, it is baby smooth, no stubble to be seen, but approximately 30 minutes later, he has stubble on his head and face, and as the film progresses (over a timespan of just a few hours), there's lots more stubble, lots more.


Correction: It's called a five o'clock shadow for a reason. The stubble comes in fairly quickly. Not to mention the fact that Riddick is a Furyan, not an Earthling, and therefore his rate of hair growth is completely unknown.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: As cool as it looks, it is impossible for a planet to have two sets of parallel rings, because rings only circle a planet's equator.


Correction: It's a sci-fi film. Anything is possible with sci-fi. I suppose getting an eyeshine and deadly creatures using sound to hunt their prey at night are impossible too? It's not supposed to be realistic. EDIT: I'm not going to engage in this conversation any further as it's starting to turn hostile. I stand by what I said 10 years ago. Good day, Gentleman.


Please don't say, "it's not supposed to be realistic." That's a cop-out. Fantasy is not supposed to be realistic. Science Fiction IS supposed to be realistic.

Edwin Frydendall

I agree, this is a valid mistake. The events of this movie take place in our universe, and the most fundamental laws of physics of our Universe dictate that there can not be two sets of rings around planet. It can not be explained away by saying that it is a fantasy or magic.

Science Fiction. Emphasis on "Fiction." Like I said 10 years ago, it's not possible in real life for someone to have "eyeshine" surgery like Riddick did to see in the dark, but it happened in the fictional world of this movie. A fictional planet having two sets of rings is no different.


It is very different. The inability to have eyeshine surgery in the present is a technical limitation. One hundred years ago it was impossible to fly faster than sound. We can do it now. A planet having two rings breaks a fundamental law of nature.

But this isn't nature, is it? It's a sci-fi movie that does not adhere to the laws of our world. It's not a documentary.


That is incorrect. Sci-fi adheres to the laws of nature. You're describing fantasy. Plus, planets in the galaxy and other galaxies, still adhere to laws of "our world", so it's a ridiculous statement to make.


Whether it is an error probably depends on which type of sci-fi is used. With "hard" sci-fi, the two rings are contrary to existing principles, thereby constituting an error. With "soft" sci-fi, two rings are allowed, so not an error. The movie is set in the distant future, so it is possible known principles could be revised. Sci-fi may overlap with fantasy - where do "bioraptors" fall? Soft sci-fi includes human aspects - Riddick refused then agreed to save others. The movie is SOFT SCI-FI.


Corrected entry: As Riddick is taking advantage of the raptor's blind spot, he is audibly stepping back and forth in a puddle. Even if the alien's sonar couldn't detect him, it would still be able to hear his footsteps. There's no possibility that it simply doesn't hear that noise, because the sound is similar in pitch to the aliens' sonar ping. With a sound like that the alien would be able to position him fairly accurately.


Correction: Considering that it is raining during this scene it is logical to assume that the raptor associates the splashing noises Riddick makes (which are pretty faint) to the rain. Since it is hearing a splashing noise and can't see anything in front of it the creature's assumption would likely be simple raindrops.

Corrected entry: After Riddick stabs and guts the raptor, his blade is shining clean, not covered in the blue blood of the aliens.


Correction: We don't get a good look at Riddick's blade head on. Only at a side angle. It's perfectly possible that there is blood on it but we simply cannot see it due to the angle.


Corrected entry: In the scene where only the old man and the "girl" are left in the cave you see that there are only enough "light worms" to fill half of the second bottle, yet in the rest of the movie you can see that both bottles are full of "light worms."

Correction: There is more to the cave than what we are shown. The girl returns from around a corner and tells Imam that "those were all I could find", so obviously there was some other part of the cave to be searched.

But, on the other hand, because she said that was all she could find, she obviously already HAD searched some other part of the cave.

Edwin Frydendall

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Riddick is in the ship, plugging in the power cells. Fluorescent lights flicker on and he doesn't react to it, even though he's not wearing his goggles that protect his light sensitive eyes.

Correction: The lights that come on aren't very powerful, and we've seen that Riddick can withstand some light when he's prepared for it.

Corrected entry: When they are determining what they need to get the ship at the settlement working, they say they need five power cells to get it running. However they only bring four back with them.


Correction: She says they "need five. Five total". They brought one with them from the crashed ship on the first trip back after discovering the settlement. They then went back to get four more, which is when we see them returning with the four power cells. She had them bring the one to test if the power cells would be interchangeable with the ones on the settlement ship. When they found they worked, they brought back the others.

Corrected entry: When the group is trying to get to the ship, it begins to rain. Where did the water come from? They are on a desert planet with little or no above ground water. Also, the planet's thin atmosphere would likely prevent such a downpour as it cannot hold enough water.

Correction: There is SOME water on the planet, obviously. There must have been faint clouds, or invisible water vapor (only liquid and solid H2O is visible; clouds are made of suspended droplets or ice crystals), and when the eclipse came, it wasn't real long before the decreased temperature resulted in that rain, by the phenomenon of condensation. It probably only rained during the eclipses, and I bet that if it only rained every 22 years, it would really go.

Corrected entry: The planet that eclipses the sun comes into position very fast. If the eclipse comes on fast, it would also go away equally as fast. Even with the width of the planet taken into account, it would be over in a matter of minutes or hours. Yet Fry explains that the planetary model they found shows how the darkness would last for a long time. Scientifically, this is not so. Also, the other sun is still out there. For a lasting darkness, both suns would have to be eclipsed.

Correction: Both suns are eclipsed, which is why it's dark. The two planets are orbiting in the same direction, so it will take some considerable time to 'overtake' to a point where the sun becomes visible again. While the eclipse does begin quite quickly, the ringed planet is both very large and close, maximising the eclipse shadow, which would lead to an eclipse of considerable length - certainly not minutes or hours.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first half of the film a man look down a hole and shines a torch in it. A monster comes up and kills him but later on in the film the human flashlights can kill the aliens.

Correction: Light only kills them with prolonged exposure all over, so the light from the flashlight would only hurt the monster, not make it incapable of attacking.

Corrected entry: While exploring the abandoned settlement, Fry goes inside one of the buildings and finds the room with the planet system model. It then cuts back to Imam and Johns walking up to the machine that draws water and you can see that Fry is with them. But then it cuts back to her looking at the models of the planets to show that she was in there the whole time. (00:23:25)

Correction: We never actually see Fry's face, so she isn't necessarily there with them.


Corrected entry: When Riddick is talking Fry into leaving with him, Fry drops to her knees and Riddick helps her up. In the wide angle shot of Fry crawling up to the ship, you can see her left shoe fall off, but in the next few shots, her shoe is back on again. (01:37:45)

Correction: Her shoe never falls off. This entry is invalid.


Corrected entry: Fry is not holding a glow slug bottle when she is waiting for Riddick at the spaceship (no light visible on her arms and body). After she hears him scream, she dashes off and suddenly acquires one.


Correction: When Fry is getting Jack and Imam on the plane after rescuing them, she has a the "glow worm" bottle in her right hand. She hears Riddick yell and runs towards the camera so there is just a shot of her from her shoulders up. The bottle is down at her hips. It is possible with the lights from the plane that you just don't see the light from the bottle.

Corrected entry: As three survivors run for the spaceship, Riddick stops to hold off the raptors. In one shot, he is lit with a yellow light; the only light available is the rapidly disappearing blue-white light from the glow slug bottles.


Correction: There is a faint yellow light on the horizon, apparently a reflection from one of the suns off of the planet eclipsing them. This is noticeable from the scene near the canyon on. Especially noticeable after the fight with Riddick and Johns.

Corrected entry: As the group leaves for the settlement armed with the glow tubes, they are surrounded by a solid ring of raptors, at least 20. Just before Paris dies, his fire breath reveals 8-10 raptors around him alone. But when Riddick's night vision shows 4-5 raptors eating Paris, 2 more tussling away from the others, and a few flying around. What happened to the mass of raptors? Aren't they still attracted to the bleeding child?


Correction: As seen when Shazza was killed, once they got a piece of a person, they'd fly off to eat what they managed to get, away from the other raptors, so they wouldn't have to fight over every morsel. A lot of wild animals on Earth do the same thing if they hunt/travel in packs.

Corrected entry: When Ali is discovered in the coring room, as soon as the imam opens the door, all the raptors fly out into the light, then down the shaft. The room they came from was dark and deep (therefore the opened door doesn't shed much light into it), and (as the rest of the movie shows) the raptors react to light and blood, not motion. They had no reason to fly from the safety of the dark room into the dangerous light.


Correction: They were in that room because they followed Ali into that room when he was trying to escape them. They came out as soon as Iman reopens the door.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Paris is blaming Jack for some noises in the ship, they see the silhouette of someone they think is Riddick. Zeke shoots him from behind and blood spurts all over Shazza in front of the man, but when he falls there's no blood or holes in his chest.

Correction: Because he was shot in the head and neck. One abbrasion on the forehead, the other on the left neck.


Corrected entry: When running from the canyon and in the rain, all of a sudden they are running and there is no rain and they are kicking up dust.

Correction: It is possible to out-run the edge of a storm, I've done it enough times. It all depends on wind direction, and there was no visible wind direction at all in that scene.

But, it's raining when they get to the ship, and there was still no wind. Either the edge of the rain storm was moving, or it wasn't. You can't have it both ways.

Edwin Frydendall

Deliberate mistake: In Paris' death scene, he blows alcohol onto his torch that illuminates the creatures around him. However the area is still illuminated after the light from his torch has disappeared. (01:12:05)


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Imam: I have already prayed with the others. It is painless.
Riddick: It is pointless.

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Question: How did Carolyn get out of the cave and make it to the ship without being killed?

Answer: She had a jar of the light bugs that kept the creatures away.


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