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Corrected entry: If the eclipse only comes every 22 years then what do either sorts of monsters eat in-between-times?

Correction: Ignoring the biology of it, in the movie the monsters/aliens attack and eat each other so that's probably what they eat in between eclipses.

Corrected entry: When it begins to rain, Riddick orders Fry, the kid, and a man into a cave. He shuts them in with a boulder. Then, Riddick gets the cells to the ship and, when he starts the ship up, Fry appears in front of him. How did Fry get out of the cave?

Correction: Fry doesn't appear in front of the ship out of nowhere. It shows her climbing out the top of the cave and running back to the settlement.

Corrected entry: There is a scene right before the suns go down where the English businessman states that "anything (referring to his liquor supply) over 45 proof burns quite nicely." This is not true. Nothing under at least 90 proof will flame up like it does in the movie. And even then, only clear liquor will flame at all.

Correction: I should have realised this, what with being English an' all: In England spirits are sold marked in percentage proof, not degrees proof, for example brandy burns reasonably well at 40% proof.

Corrected entry: Riddick seals them in the cave and goes to the ship. They fill bottles with the glow worms while he starts preparing the ship. Caroline magically appears outside the cave and climbing over the ridge that is overlooking the "town." She runs to the ship and tells him that she promised "them" she would return with more light. 1. How did she get out? If it was a second hole then the creatures would have gotten in 2. She never said she'd be back with more light to them.

Correction: 1. The three of them could have moved the rock together. 2. Just because we didn't see her say that doesn't mean she didn't say it.

Greg Dwyer

But, how did the rock get back in place when two of them were still INSIDE the cave? No handholds on the cave-facing part of that rock to pull on; and Carolyn was certainly not strong enough to push it back up, on her own.

Edwin Frydendall

Deliberate mistake: In the scene right after they figure out that an eclipse would occur, everyone takes Shazza's drive to get back to the crash site. Right after the ride under the huge skeletons, you can see Shazza take a turn to her right but she was turning the wheel to her left.

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Imam: I have already prayed with the others. It is painless.
Riddick: It is pointless.

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Question: I've seen this movie several times, but could someone tell me if the alien or Riddick killed Fry?

Answer: The alien did it. Riddick is just starting to change a little bit, but he is pretty upset by her death nonetheless.

Grumpy Scot

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