Pitch Black

Pitch Black (2000)


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Johns: I thought I said no shivs.
Riddick: You mean this? This is just a personal grooming appliance.

Imam: Because you do not believe in God does not mean God does not believe in -.
Riddick: Think someone could spend half their life in a slam with a horse bit in their mouth and not believe? Think he could start out in some liquor store trash bin with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and not believe? Got it all wrong, holy man. I absolutely believe in God... And I absolutely hate the fucker.

Greg Owens: What THE F - was that a purge, Fry?

Riddick: All you people are so scared of me. Most days I'd take that as a compliment. But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.

Zeke: Comfy up there?
Paris: Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life, so long as you have the little luxuries.

Imam: Where's Johns?
Riddick: Which half?

Paris: People, just a suggestion. Perhaps you should flee.

Fry: You're dancing on razor blades here.

Riddick: Strong survival instinct. I admire that in a woman.

Jack: So can I talk to him now?

Paris: Paris P. Olgilvie. Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur.
Riddick: Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict. Murderer.

Johns: Battlefield doctors decide who lives and dies. It's called 'triage'.
Riddick: They kept calling it 'murder' when I did it.

Greg Owens: This is an emergency from merchant vessel Hunter Gratzner, en route to the Tangiers system with commercial passengers on board. We've been knocked out of our shipping lane and entering a planetary body in the following position: X 35/8, Y 98/5, Z 21/6.

Riddick: Back to the ship, huh? Just huddle together, until the lights burn out? 'Til you can't see what's eating you? Is that the big plan?

Riddick: I truly don't know what's gonna happen when the lights go out, Carolyn, but I do know, once the dying starts, this little psycho fuck family of ours is gonna rip itself apart.

Jack: Where the hell can I get eyes like that?
Riddick: Gotta kill a few people.
Jack: 'Kay, I can do it.
Riddick: Then you got to get sent to a slam, where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.
Jack: So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?
Riddick: Exactly.

Imam: I have already prayed with the others. It is painless.
Riddick: It is pointless.

Fry: You're fucking with me, I know you are.
Riddick: You know I am? You don't know anything about me. I will leave you here.

Riddick: I know you don't prep your emergency ship unless there's a fuckin' emergency.
Jack: He's fuckin' right.
Johns: Hey, watch your mouth.

Deliberate mistake: In Paris' death scene, he blows alcohol onto his torch that illuminates the creatures around him. However the area is still illuminated after the light from his torch has disappeared. (01:12:05)


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Question: How did Carolyn get out of the cave and make it to the ship without being killed?

Answer: She had a jar of the light bugs that kept the creatures away.


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