Despicable Me 2

Plot hole: Lucy jumps from the airliner and flies her hang-glider straight to Eduardo/El Macho's Cinco de Mayo party to find Gru. How did she know Gru would be there? He had no intention of going and only did so after he was pestered into it by the girls on the very night of the party, so he couldn't have told her himself. Shouldn't she have gone to his house instead? (01:09:50)

Plot hole: The rocket is launched with Gru and Lucy attached to it. All of the minions are around them at El Macho's lair at this point. Considering a rocket travels at several hundred miles per hour, when they jump off it almost a minute later they should be several miles away at the very least, but three Minions appear on a boat shortly after. There is no way the three Minions could have reached Gru and Lucy all the way from the lair in that short time. (01:22:05 - 01:23:25)

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Suggested correction: Actually, earlier on in the scene, Gru enters El Macho's lair with only two of his remaining minions, despite there being much more that didn't go for the Ice Cream Truck. Therefore, the 3 minions could have been in Gru's basement the whole time. The real problem is, how would they know to go to the volcano?

Plot hole: We see the purple form of the minions be able to devour any kind of metal easily, so how it's possible that El Macho is able to confine them in a metallic cage?

Plot hole: If the AVL was around during the events of the first film and aware of the moon heist then what was this organization doing while both Gru and Vector were doing their dastardly deeds?


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Suggested correction: The AVL probably initiated an investigation regarding the moon's disappearance, but they wouldn't know where to look first. And it all happened very quickly, the moon was only returned to it's original spot later on the same day, so they wouldn't need to continue with the case and could disregard it.


Plot hole: When Gru and Lucy are searching Eduardo's restaurant, Eduardo's pet chicken begins a fight with Gru and Lucy which involves a lot of screaming, breaking tables, the chicken battering Gru which was all very loud, yet Eduardo only finds out someone was in the restaurant as soon as he walks up to the door, despite all the noise from the fight between Gru, Lucy and the chicken. (00:34:20 - 00:36:10)

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Plot hole: If Gru and Lucy are at the mall tracking down the bad guy and the minions have disappeared then who was watching the girls? Also how did the girls get to the mall in the first place?


Continuity mistake: As soon as Eduardo finishes activating the floor key pad, he is shown standing half way between the start and the end of the floor key pad. Next shot, he is suddenly a few steps away from the end of the pad. (01:03:45)

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Agnes: Are you really gonna save the world?
Gru: That's right, baby! Gru's back in the game with cool cars... Gadgets... And weapons!

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Trivia: In the end credits, three minions are shown auditioning for "The Minion Movie." This is referring to the movie Minions, that will be released in 2015. (01:27:10)

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Question: What happens when you call the number on Lucy's card? It is not a 555 number, so who answers?

Answer: If you dial the number (626-584-5723), it will reach an answering machine recording of Lucy Wilde asking if you want to apply for the Anti-Villain League.

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