Despicable Me 2

Corrected entry: In the opening scene all metallic objects are dragged upwards to the magnets on El Macho's aircraft, including the coins used by the Russian guards in their card game. No country on earth makes coins that are magnetic or capable of being magnetized - it's an important security consideration.


Correction: "No country on earth makes coins that are magnetic or capable of being magnetized" That's not true at all. Lots of countries have magnetic coins, Russia among them: Even more if the coin was mint later than the 90s, since due to rising costs many coins are now made of plated steel instead overall alloy. UK ones for instance:

Corrected entry: When Lucy drives away with Gru at the start of the film after picking up the minions, the cloth that the minions used as a parachute never returns to ground. (00:10:10)

boss of epicness

Correction: Last seen the cloth was floating about 30 feet (9 meters) above Lucy's car. All the following shots are close-ups of the car and last in total 6 seconds. There's no reason to expect the cloth to land exactly in such limited area and time.

Corrected entry: When Lucy chooses Gru, she runs to release the airlock from the plane. After she unlocks it, the door opens, but everything remains entirely still, despite the sudden drop in pressure. (01:05:35)

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Correction: That's because there is no drop in pressure. Since Lucy can breathe without a problem when exiting the aircraft it must be below its pressurisation height of 12.000 ft. This ignores the fact that you are watching a film which relies upon a woman carrying a hang-glider in her handbag.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie at the secret lab, the first barrel that flies into the air because of the magnetic ship isn't stuck to the ship when it emerges from the clouds.

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Correction: When the magnetic ship zooms in on the facility, the barrel is visible on the right hand magnet if you look carefully. It's just hard to see it because the rest of the magnet is giant.

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Corrected entry: Lucy fires gel at Eduardo's eyes when they try to escape, when we see him again the gel on his eyes is gone.

Correction: Eduardo had time to wipe or wash the gel off.

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Corrected entry: Silas shows Gru the Research Facility's video footage of the scientists experimenting the PX-41 on the rabbit and the rabbit then killing the two scientists next to him. The shot of the footage is shown zooming in and out a few times, implying someone is filming it. The cameraman advances over the edge of the desk, the rabbit leaps over and the footage turns to static, which then implies the camera it was filmed on was destroyed by the rabbit's attack and the cameraman was killed. Yet somehow the filmed footage somehow remains completely safe despite this savage attack from the rabbit. The footage was safe as it was currently being presented to Gru. (00:13:45)

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Correction: The rabbit presumably destroyed the camera, but that doesn't mean the rabbit did any damage at all to the cartridge or memory card inside the camera. It's also a possibility that the camera was a mounted camera being remotely controlled from a safe location where the footage was being recorded. Or that the camera's footage was being recorded live at an alternate location, even if the camera was operated manually. Basically, there are a multitude of reasons why this footage would still be available.

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Plot hole: Lucy jumps from the airliner and flies her hang-glider straight to Eduardo/El Macho's Cinco de Mayo party to find Gru. How did she know Gru would be there? He had no intention of going and only did so after he was pestered into it by the girls on the very night of the party, so he couldn't have told her himself. Shouldn't she have gone to his house instead? (01:09:50)

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Gru: Goodnight Margo. Whoa, wait, hold your horses, who are you texting?
Margo: No one, just my friend Avery.
Gru: Oh, Avery, wait. Avery, is that a boy's name or a girl's name?
Margo: Does it matter?
Gru: No, no, it doesn't matter, Unless it's a boy!

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Trivia: In the end credits the minion causing the screen to drop has heterochromia iridum - his eyes are two different colors. (01:30:45)

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