Now You See Me

Plot hole: Each of the four magicians is given a card that reads "MARCH 29 - 4:44PM - 45 EAST EVAN ST. - NY." Yet when they enter the building on that date, they conveniently know which apartment to go to. How? It was never stated on any of the cards which apartment to go to once they reached 45 East Evan Street. (00:08:40 - 00:10:05)

Casual Person

Plot hole: The Channel 8 News Channel reports Jack's death on a broadcast which is viewed by the three other members of the four Horsemen. Notice in this scene that they are looking really shocked by this. However, they are fully aware of the fact that Jack is currently alive. So why look shocked? They were the only people in that room they were in at that current moment whilst watching the news, so there was no-one there to try and fool. Extended version. (01:25:10 - 01:44:30)

Casual Person

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