Now You See Me

Atlas (Jessie Eisenberg), Henley (Isla Fisher) and Merritt (Woody Harrellson) disappear after their final show. All the money from the vault was planted in Thaddeus Bradley's (Morgan Freeman) car and the police subsequently arrest him. Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) visits Bradley in his cell and reveals that he (Rhodes) was behind the whole thing and got him out of the way because he was trying to disprove the Four Horsemen. He walks away, leaving Bradley to forever wonder how he did it. Atlas, Henley and Merritt reunite with Jack (Dave Franco) in Central Park, (Jack faked his death in the car crash) and they are greeted by Rhodes who officially inducts them into the Eye of Horus. We find out that Rhodes is the son of the magician mentioned throughout the movie who died during a trick and Arthur Tressler's (Michael Caine) company denied his family's insurance claim. Thus, the heists stealing Tressler's money were his revenge.


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Thaddeus Bradley: How do you like your Horsemen, fricasseed or fried?
Arthur Tressler: Shredded!
Thaddeus Bradley: I'll tell the chef.



Each of the four magicians is given a card that reads "MARCH 29 - 4:44PM - 45 EAST EVAN ST. - NY." Yet when they enter the building on that date, they conveniently know which apartment to go to. How? It was never stated on any of the cards which apartment to go to once they reached 45 East Evan Street.



When the remaining Horsemen greet New York, there is graffiti under their stage that matches their symbol. It's almost in the center.