Now You See Me

Corrected entry: After Dylan interrogates the Frenchman, he goes to the fridge and gets a soda, then walks toward the other interrogation rooms. In the very next shot, he has a bag of chips instead.


Correction: When he is walking away from the fridge we see him holding the top of a potato chip bag with his left hand against the soda can he is opening, and in the later clips until he enters the mentalist's room he continues to have both a soda and a bag of chips.

Corrected entry: During the Las Vegas show the Frenchman is asked to sign his name on a card. This card is shown two more times and neither looks like the first signature.

Elyse Williams

Correction: That's how the trick is done in real life, the magician doesn't use the same card he had the spectator sign. In the film, they've been following the Frenchman and knows how he signs things. Then they forge his signature on a card and use that card during the trick. And it's not hard for a magician to "force" a spectator to pick a specific card, which is what's done in the film. You see this type of trick on shows like America's Got Talent where the magician has a judge sign a card but then he uses a different card and you can see the signatures don't match.


Corrected entry: When Dylan and Fuller approach the Horsemen's apartment, the number on the apartment door reads 6A. About 3 minutes later, Dylan and Jack run out of apartment 6B.

01:16:25 - 01:19:20

Casual Person

Correction: While the doors are labeled 6A and 6B, there are not two separate apartments, but 1 large apartment (for example, if a shared wall was torn down to make 2 into 1). You can tell from the scene in the apartment and where they run to that they run out of a different door than they came in.


Corrected entry: When Henley discovers her tarot card, the bag strap on her shoulder is seen on her left shoulder in the reflection of the tank, which means the bag is on the right shoulder. In the next shot, the bag strap has suddenly switched her left shoulder.


Casual Person

Correction: It's not a reflection. The camera is looking through the glass. You see the bag on her left, and it stays there.

Corrected entry: Alma's hair is tied in a bun shape when she is talking with Dylan and Fuller in Dylan's office. Yet her hair is in a ponytail when she goes to interrogate Daniel and Merritt.

00:25:00 - 00:27:30

Casual Person

Correction: While we might not understand why she changed her hairstyle, that doesn't mean it's a mistake (certainly not a continuity mistake since it doesn't happen between shots, but between scenes). She had plenty of time to put it into a ponytail from a bun.


Corrected entry: When the Horsemen are in the elevator, the start of the scene shows Merritt standing next to a wall that has green graffiti on it. When he starts having a conversation with Daniel a few shots later, the wall suddenly has blue graffiti on it.


Casual Person

Correction: When the scene starts, Merritt is standing by the wall, but then when he starts talking, he moves to the corner and the blue graffiti we see was previously blocked by him.


Corrected entry: Cowan disappears from the truck from when Fuller shows the video to when the truck is backing up for placement. He wouldn't have gotten out of the truck as he wouldn't want the Horsemen to know it was being staked out. He couldn't be on the side of the safe as he wouldn't fit on either side.


unkajes Premium member

Correction: After the agents appear and Dylan and Fuller get out of the truck, Cowan is beside the other agents so he did in fact get out of the truck between the time the video was shown and when the truck parked. Enough time had passed for him to get out when they were nowhere near 5 Pointz for him to make sure the coast was clear.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When Alma asks Daniel how the playing card got into the vault, Daniel says "Ah, yes. Hey what do the kids call it these days. Oh, that's right, magic." His lips don't move when he says "Ah, yes."


Casual Person

Correction: It is extremely simple to say "ah, yes" without moving your lips at all. In that entire phrase, only the words "what" and "magic" require the speaker to move their lips at all.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first scene in the FBI office, the clock on the wall goes from 11:17 to 11:27 and then back to 11:17.



Correction: The time on the clock is always 11:27, the second hand is on the 17.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When the FBI find out that the safe isn't in the warehouse, Cowan shouts to one of the curators "You tell me what's going on right now because this is bullshit!" and Evans then begins pretending to play a violin ("Bullshit" being the trigger word) revealing that he was hypnotized by the Four Horsemen just like the French banker. However, when they were on the bridge prior to this, Cowan says "Despite their bullshit Robin Hood razzle-dazzle, your magicians are nothing more than common thieves" with Evans in their presence when he said this. If "Bullshit" was the trigger word and Evans was hypnotized, shouldn't Evans have begun to pretend to play the violin then?

01:27:10 - 01:29:40

Casual Person

Correction: The reason Evans didn't play the violin any other time is explained in the dialogue right before he begins plays the violin: he received a phone call and subsequently gave instructions he later denied to have said - this implies that he was likely hypnotized over the phone, something that is mentioned in the interrogation scene in the beginning of the movie that the mentalist is able to do.

Corrected entry: Once Dylan arrives at the FBI, he parks his black car next to the edge of the staircase. Yet later when the Horsemen leave the FBI, the car parked next to the edge of the staircase is now a white car.

00:24:20 - 00:32:05

Casual Person

Correction: The black car belongs to the FBI and is only dropping off FBI agent Dylan. After the interrogations of four suspects, and presumably hours later, a white car picks up the Four Horsemen. There would have been no reason for Dylan's driver to park the car at the curb for hours, when the FBI would have its own parking lot.


Corrected entry: When Dylan puts a card back in Alma's deck on the plane, there is a stirrer visible in Dylan's drink on his table. This stirrer was never there a few seconds prior when Alma was shuffling her deck.


Casual Person

Correction: The stirrer is visible before the trick.


Corrected entry: When Fuller is talking to Dylan in the van, night can be seen through the van window even though it is supposed to be daytime during this scene.


Casual Person

Correction: You can see in an earlier scene that the police van's front window is tinted.

Corrected entry: When Dylan talks to Alma and Fuller in his office, the clock on the wall next to the door switches from silver to dark grey between shots.


Casual Person

Correction: The rim of the clock is metallic and appears as a mixture of black and silver depending on the lighting.


Corrected entry: The point of the New Orleans show was revealed to make Tressler broke and give the audience the money Tressler owed them. However, this plan would have had parts which were out of their reach. For example, the Fifth Horseman could have gotten the names of the people insured by Tressler Insurance. But the Four Horsemen or Fifth Horseman would have had no way of knowing that those particular people would have come to the show, nor would they have known that every single person in the audience was insured by Tressler Insurance.


Casual Person

Correction: The show is performed by the Four Horsemen - they invited each person to the show. Why would a broke couple attend a magic show unless they had a free ticket?

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Thaddeus Bradley: How do you like your Horsemen, fricasseed or fried?
Arthur Tressler: Shredded!
Thaddeus Bradley: I'll tell the chef.



Each of the four magicians is given a card that reads "MARCH 29 - 4:44PM - 45 EAST EVAN ST. - NY." Yet when they enter the building on that date, they conveniently know which apartment to go to. How? It was never stated on any of the cards which apartment to go to once they reached 45 East Evan Street.



When the remaining Horsemen greet New York, there is graffiti under their stage that matches their symbol. It's almost in the center.