Monsters University

Corrected entry: During the final scare challenge, Sully changes the settings on the robotic child. There is a huge screen showing everything going on in the room, and in the next scene you can see Mike sitting by the bed where the control panel is located. Sully could not have done the changes without everyone seeing him doing it.

Micheal Anderson

Correction: We are not told WHEN Sully makes those changes and we don't know when the rooms begin airing in the live feed so this is not a mistake.

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Continuity mistake: In what is supposed to be a time-lapse scene, we see the Monsters University campus as nighttime ends and the sun rises. The shadows of the trees and buildings never change position as the sun gets higher in the sky.

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Young Mike: I found a nickel! I wish I had pockets.

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Trivia: A Pizza Planet truck is parked next to the party house when Mike arrives on the mascot pig. (00:18:45)


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Answer: Yes, the line "Mmm, I know, you're a princess and I'm just a stable boy..." is absolutely a nod to The Princess Bride. Though Billy's role, with all his genius improvised ad-libbing, is quite a bit more than a cameo.

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