Monsters University

Trivia: A Pizza Planet truck is parked next to the party house when Mike arrives on the mascot pig. (00:18:45)


Trivia: George, the monster from Monsters, Inc. who gets the sock on his back, makes an appearance in this film as a member of the team who gets disqualified in the first event of the scare games.

Trivia: When Mike runs over a student with his floor waxer, the student yells a Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: At the end of the movie, Mike and Sulley begin their career at Monsters Inc by working in the Mail Room. Also working in the Mail Room is The Abominable Snowman we met in the original (who is voiced by John Ratzenberger). This is making a reference to the TV show Cheers, where John Ratzenberger also played a mailman.

Casual Person
Monsters University mistake picture

Trivia: The ball from Luxo Jr. Is drawn on the stone wall during the first scare game. (00:39:50)


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