World War Z

Other mistake: When Gerry and Segen are in the plane towards Cardiff, a zombie attacks a flight attendant and a whole section of the plane. Despite the fact that what's happening would be obvious to the passengers of that section, no one even tries to escape the attack by going to the back of the plane, in Gerry's section. Gerry and the passenger have the time to pile up luggage without anybody from the front section interfering. (01:16:40)


Other mistake: As Gerry enters the aircraft carrier command centre, we see screens with "world projections" of remaining uninfected populations by continent. They are counting down (illustrating the quick spread of the disease). However, the countdown speed of all of them, is approximately 3% each second - which means humankind would have no more than 20 seconds at this rate. The countdown speed should realistically be about 100,000 times slower than that (about 3% each day), which would still be the fastest pandemic spread the world has ever seen. (00:30:15)


Other mistake: Despite the number of staff and zombies (former staff) at the W.H.O Research Centre, the car park leading up to the main entrance is empty but for one car.

Other mistake: When Brad Pitt is on the plane - I think he's landing in Israel - he doesn't take his seat belt off, but that doesn't stop him from getting out of his seat.


Other mistake: When Jerry is in B wing, he has killed two zombies with his crowbar, but when we see the crowbar, there's no blood or brain matter on it.


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