Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Other mistake: As the automated setup makes breakfast, it makes a total of seven pancakes (the two that end up on his plate, and five stuck on the ceiling). Trouble is that was only enough batter for one pancake, and no refilling device.

Movie Nut

Other mistake: In the beginning, as Pee-Wee waits for the crown in his dream, a bell starts ringing, and everyone leaves, leaving him alone. After all the photographers are gone, there is one more flash from a camera before the transition to his room.

Movie Nut

Other mistake: The security footage that Terry shows of Pee Wee going through the Godzilla set is simply a black and white version of the same footage we see as movie watchers of the film, not from the camera being used to shoot the movie.


Other mistake: Just before Jack and Pee-Wee start singing in the rail car, their train passes by some empty farmland. Pay particular attention to the buildings on the horizon, though. After a few songs, Pee-Wee can't take it anymore and decides to cover his ears and bail out - but where he lands is the very same location described before the singing began (note the exact same buildings and distance to them, which hasn't changed at all), as if the train didn't cover any ground. (00:51:15 - 00:52:05)


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