The Peacemaker

Other mistake: In the subtitles, when the Russians are locking onto the US Army helicopters, "Attack" is incorrectly spelt "Atack".


Other mistake: When they have recovered the nukes, after the nukes are set on the bridge George Clooney is rolling on the ground. His gun holster is unfastened and the gun is missing. A few moments later when he is talking to Dr. Kelly on the phone, the gun has reappeared.

Other mistake: The Digital logo on the laptop has been turned upside down especially for the film, since the logo would otherwise show upside down to the camera when the laptop is in use (most laptops are the same - the logo is the right way up to the user when the lid is shut).

Other mistake: When Kelly asks Sgt. Beach how much time is left to track the truck, he says "45 minutes" but if you look at the screen showing how much time is left it is nearly two hours.

Other mistake: Early in the film, LTC Tom Devoe takes a fax of the alleged missile train departure orders off the machine, and starts reading it as he walks to Dr. Julia Kelley's office, taking a moment or so to reach the office. After talking with Dr. Kelley for a moment, he still scans the list looking over her shoulder. After he walks away, Dr. Kelley reads aloud Kordurov as the second name on the list. Wouldn't Devoe have recognized the name as he scanned the list before he gave it to Dr. Kelley? (00:28:55 - 00:29:45)

Continuity mistake: As Nicole walks across a plaza with Clooney to meet the Russian spy, she is wearing sheer stockings and low pumps. As she walks off the plaza she is wearing knee high boots with fur tops.

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Suggested correction: I think what we see from behind, under the coat is dark trousers and dark low heels.

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Question: As Gavrich fled into a building being chased by Devoe and Kelly the helicopter operators informed that the (radiation) signal just disappeared. Would it really disappear so quickly?

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