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Corrected entry: There is a scene with TV news switched on, the woman in TV says, she is reporting from Sydney. Building in background is actually Law Facultee in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Correction: The woman who is reporting for CNN does not say she is in Sydney, she says "Reporting live from Sarajevo, this is Jean Rogers for CNN."


Corrected entry: In the car chase in Vienna, the car driven by Clooney is a Mercedes, yet when the chase is viewed from inside his car, he is driving a BMW 5 series.

Correction: Inside shots from the chase in Vienna shows that George Clooney is driving a Mercedes, not a BMW 5-series. The steering wheel shows the Mercedes-Benz logo, the wooden paneling and the instrument buttons are just like they are in almost every Mercedes of that year and the gear selector of the automatic gearbox is from mercedes since the groove where the selector is moving has different slots, out of the centerline, for every gear. BMW automatic gearbox selector groove is in a straight line.

Corrected entry: When Nicole and George are attempting to disarm the nuclear bomb, we can see the timer ticking down. Right above the digital display, there is a pause button.

Correction: That just means that the timer they used for the bomb had a pause button, I am sure an experienced bomb maker would have removed the wiring that would allow you to pause the timer.


Corrected entry: The nuclear warheads are from a SS-18 Satan ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile). These warheads would not be detonated by a timer. They would be much more likely to detonate at a preset altitude therefore an altimeter would be used.

Correction: In both the case of the train explosion and the one taken for the backpack, the timers were added after the weapons were dismantled.

Corrected entry: In the first chase sequence, the hijackers approach the nuke carrying train from behind. They jump on the train. Nobody in the train feels a thud, and then a sniper is shown to slit the throat of the guard standing at the back of the train. He wasn't there before, or he would have seen the approaching train and would have warned the men inside.

Correction: All the soldiers inside are asleep so they would not have heard anything. The guy isn't on the back of the train, just before he gets his throat slashed there is another carriage in front signifying that he is not on the back of the train.


Corrected entry: In one of the first scenes with Nicole Kidman, when she comes out off the water after swimming her shoulders and hair are very wet, next shot she is dry.

Correction: I have watched this scene over and over again - the dampness of Kidman's hair and the water stains on her jacket are completely consistent.

Corrected entry: George Clooney's character screwed on a silencer to his pistol during the scene when he was extracting information from the truck scheduler. Therefore, Clooney's pistol must have a threaded barrel. But at the beginning of the chase scene following the killing of Dimitri Vertikoff, you can see the end of Clooney's barrel is crowned and not threaded as he sticks it through the windshield of his car. (00:48:45)

Correction: A pistol can have the exterior of the barrel inside the slide machined to screw in a silencer. It's rare, but it can be done.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Dusan, the Bosnian guy, sets the timer for the bomb in his hotel room for 10 minutes. The whole church scene from the moment when he is found by Dr. Kelly to the explosion is well over 5 minutes. Are we to believe that the guy left the hotel, walked the streets, took a cab and spent some time in a traffic jam, got chased and shot, altogether covered at least 10 city blocks, and he did it all in a little over 4 minutes?

Correction: Dusan sets the time for 40:00 mins and not 10:00.

Corrected entry: In the scene where George Clooney and Nicole Kidman are deactivating the bomb in the end, she says the bomb would explode but the church is made of concrete so it would contain all the radiation. But the radiation would have leaked out of the windows since it's not made of concrete.

Correction: The windows were shut and sealed, simple as that.


Continuity mistake: As Nicole walks across a plaza with Clooney to meet the Russian spy, she is wearing sheer stockings and low pumps. As she walks off the plaza she is wearing knee high boots with fur tops.

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Suggested correction: I think what we see from behind, under the coat is dark trousers and dark low heels.

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Thomas Devoe: I don't know about these guys, but General Aleksandr Kodoroff doesn't ride around on a nuclear transportation train. It's like Ivana Trump on the subway.

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Question: As Gavrich fled into a building being chased by Devoe and Kelly the helicopter operators informed that the (radiation) signal just disappeared. Would it really disappear so quickly?

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