The Peacemaker

Plot hole: Where are the police? The chase takes about 8 minutes in the centre of the biggest city and capital of Austria, not to forget the using of the guns.

Plot hole: When the diesel train stops in the tunnel, one of the soldiers tells another one how far they are from the spot where the nuclear detonation will take place. Do the math: the distances don't work out. At least one of the trains would have to do over 100mph AVERAGE to put enough distance between them. Military precision, indeed.

Plot hole: After Vlado was shot and his brother (the one with the bomb) was carrying him, there's no way Tom and Julia shouldn't have been able to catch him. He was MUCH slower carrying Vlado and they should have been able to catch up to them in no time. And there were other law enforcement following DeVoe. There was only one way out of that alley. Why weren't they at the entrance?


Plot hole: When the two remaining American helicopters return from their incursion into Russian airspace, both land outside the operational HQ hangar. This is fine, except for the question of where the eight warheads that they recovered have gone to. Surely they would have brought them back to the base rather than just leave them on the bridge, but if they had, then shouldn't they either have them underneath one chopper when they both land? Or if the chopper carrying the warheads had offloaded somewhere else on the home airbase, why did both helicopters land at the same time outside the HQ hangar?

Plot hole: When she checks the mails on the AOL account: Why are all mails in English? They should be in German or Russian (Problem: they use an different alphabet, Cyrillic).

Plot hole: When the storm the hotel the diplomats are staying at, why isn't anyone covering the exits?! Dusan walks right out the front door! Standard tactical procedure is to first cover all the exits, THEN storm the building.


Factual error: The Russians stopped using steam locomotives in the 1970's. So bringing one out of retirement in 1997 to haul nuclear warheads would mean that your highly secret nuclear train would be well known among rail enthusiasts for weeks before.

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Julia: Where the hell is my military liason?
Devoe: Colonel Thomas Devoe reporting as ordered, ma'am. I'm sorry about in there, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me.
Julia: No problem. Would you like some coffee?
Devoe: I'd love some.
Julia: It's over there.

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Question: Wouldn't they know something was up when the train explosion wasn't as huge as it should have been (because many of the bombs were missing, and thus making the explosion smaller)?

Answer: The two train engines colliding caused the explosions, all the other cars derailed. All the warheads were carefully packed and disarmed.

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