Trivia: Even though he appears on screen for more than fifteen minutes, Ola Rapace (playing Patrice, the mercenary they chase at the start who Bond later catches in Shanghai) doesn't have a single word of dialogue.

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Trivia: M's house in this film is the former home of James Bond composer John Barry.

Trivia: All of the scenes filmed for the London Underground, Temple and Westminster stations, were filmed at Charing Cross underground station.

Trivia: The theme tune to Skyfall was released at 00:07am as a spoof of James Bond's code number.

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Trivia: When Bond confronts Patrice in the building, originally Bond was going to walk into the scene wearing cool leather gloves. But during the editing stage, a crew member pointed out that Bond's gun would only operate when his fingerprints were in contact with it, meaning the gloves wouldn't let him shoot during the scene. An extra $1 million was spent digitally removing the gloves from Daniel Craig's hands.

Trivia: The title song "Skyfall" was the first James Bond theme to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song, and was the first to earn an Oscar nomination since the song for 1981's "For Your Eyes Only".

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Trivia: This is the first time a Bond movie has been nominated for an Oscar in the past 31 years.

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Trivia: On the island, Silva pours a drink and says '50 years old.' Skyfall was released 50 years after Dr. No, the first Bond movie.

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