M (Judi Dench) dies of a wound sustained during a confrontation against Silva's (Javier Bardem) troops at Bond's (Daniel Craig) childhood home and family estate in Scotland. Bond kills Silva. The agent (Naomie Harris) who accidentally shot Bond at the beginning of the movie reveals her name: Eve Moneypenny (who in the pre-rebooted Bond films was M's secretary at MI6). She decides to quit being a field agent and start working at a desk job. Bond continues working as a field agent and Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) becomes M's replacement.

Racer X

Continuity mistake: When M arrives to see Mallory a bag is placed on the ground near her seat, it is still there just as she stands up and grabs her coat. In the next shot the bag is gone and she walks out without it.

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Question: In the opening action scene, while Bond is fighting the terrorist on the top of the train, Moneypenny says "I do not have a clean shot." She has already been communicating with him on radio, why doesn't she just tell him to get out of the bloody way?

Answer: Moneypenny is talking to M, not Bond.

Bond must be able to hear the exchange, because later in the movie he quotes M's order "Take the bloody shot!" back at her.


Answer: Because Bond is fighting to the death with a man who's trying to throw him off a train. He can't exactly step out of the way.

Brian Katcher

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