Continuity mistake: When we see Q fishing, the lighting is totally different from when he's seen from the back in the next clip. Also the bank rises close behind him when seen from the front, but in the next clip the camera position is further back. Those are not shot in the same place. (01:09:30)

Jacob La Cour

Other mistake: When Bond runs out of fuel in his mini-jet, his landing was obviously filmed on an airport runway, given the heavy black landing marks on it.


Continuity mistake: Just before the clown hits the embassy window the lighting changes significantly between shots. There are some strange reflections when he hits the glass, which were not there a millisecond before. (00:12:30)

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the final scene on the plane, Roger Moore and Maude Adams jump from the plane over the cliff. Moore grabs a crack in the rock. The next overhead shot his hand is by his head. Next shot it is in the crack again.

Continuity mistake: When Bond's Mercedes is on the railroad tracks, it is hit head on by an oncoming train. As it is shown sailing in the air backwards, it is very clear that the drive-train has been removed. When the car is shown again, it is now sailing nose first as it hits the water.

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Suggested correction: The drive-train hasn't been removed, it's just damage to the car from being hit by the larger and more powerful train. Surely a head-on crash would with a train wouldn't just leave a few scratches on the front of the car.

Factual error: When the German police are chasing Bond into the air base, they are simply waved in at the gate. That wouldn't happen - without authority, local authorities wouldn't be allowed to enter an armed forces installation, especially a foreign one.

Andy Benham Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Bond and the twin fall off the train, Bond's movements do not make sense. In the first clip they are both moving away from the train. In the next clip they are rolling partly along the tracks, partly towards them. In the next clip Bond is rolling forward straight into the bushes. (01:40:25)

Jacob La Cour

Audio problem: Just after Bond disarms the bomb at the circus, Octopussy asks Magda, "Where was Kahn heading?" Magda replies, "Back to India," but her mouth movements are "India, of course."

Factual error: When riding in the truck with the Cuban soldiers Bond pulls their parachutes. In the next clip they are 5-6 meters up in the air. That is impossible. First, parachutes are not shot out, but merely pulled by the passing air. And the truck does not go fast enough to pull the parachutes. Second, even if the truck went fast enough, the soldiers would be pulled horizontally - and just fall off the truck, not get pulled vertically up in the air.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the opening story, Bond flies in the small plane with a single jet engine. When the plane approaches the hangar to fly through it (the shot taken FROM the hangar towards the plane) you can see that the plane has TWO engines at the back.

Plot hole: The Faberge egg General Orlov presents to Kamal Khan, then destroys, is the actual egg - not the "fake." We know this because Bond put the transmitter in the actual egg. (00:58:18 - 00:58:50)


Octopussy mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bond is fighting the twin on the top of the train, there is a carriage behind them, but when both of them fall off the train, the carriage has suddenly disappeared.

Factual error: When Bond is being pursued through the jungle, we see what appears to be a crocodile swimming towards him. It is obviously an alligator, which can be identified by its broad snout (crocs have a narrow snout). There are no alligators in Asia. (01:05:00)

Plot hole: Bond falls off the train, and in the time it takes him to reach the air force base the train has arrived and unloaded all of the equipment including the cannon, staged a town parade including the cannon and erected and filled the big top with an audience. You could argue that the big top was sent ahead but the unloading and use of the cannon couldn't have been done in the time frame - would take at least 4-5 hours.

Other mistake: In the end credits, Jeremy Bulloch's surname is spelt as "Bullock."

Continuity mistake: During the rickshaw chase 30 minutes in, all external shots show that it has a clear plastic windscreen in front of the driver's face, but in all of the close up shots of the driver the camera is mounted on the rickshaw filming him and the windscreen is gone. (00:30:00 - 00:35:00)

Plot hole: When the saw yo-yo comes down for the third time, Bond grabs the cord to pull the wielder down off the gallery. That was, when you think about it, a patently bad idea. If the yo-yo hadn't become stuck in the desk, Bond would be collecting his fingers in his hat (note that the blades are still spinning as Bond grabs). (01:15:45)

Factual error: Bond pulls his mini jet out of the path of the missile racing in from behind, making it narrowly miss his aircraft. Like most such piloting stunts from Hollywood, it wouldn't have worked. Modern anti-aircraft missiles have proximity fuses and fragmentation warheads or continuous-rod warheads. They actually deliberately pass by the aircraft they are trying to destroy and explode next to them, because the cross-section is greater that way. There have even been cases when a missile actually hitting an airplane just disintegrated without exploding, thus saving the target.

Doc Premium member

Continuity mistake: Gobinda kills the two helpers at the Monsoon Palace and throws them on the floor in the freezer and we hear the thumps. Minutes later Bond hides in the freezer. The bodies now hang on meat hooks, and have already turned gray.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: When we see the Monsoon Palace from the lake, it is set very high on a barren brown mountain. But when Bond escapes on foot, he very quickly is in a dense and moist jungle - and walking out in a low-lying march land with a wide river. That can't be the same lake, since we don't see him running down a steep barren cliff-side.

Jacob La Cour

General Anatoly Gogol: My government categorically denies the incident ever occurred.

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Trivia: The "blink and you'll miss it" part of Smithers (Q's assistant who triggers the powerful door-slam) is played by Jeremy Bulloch. Only worth noting because we see his face for once, as he's most famous for a part where he wears a mask - Boba Fett in the Star Wars sequels.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Question: Was Kristina Wayborn's descent from the balcony (in which she tips herself backwards and slides down using her sari as a rope) really carried out as shown? I would have thought that she should plummet to the ground much faster - too fast to be sure of landing feet first - and risk a broken bone or more. Are we to assume that Bond girls have magical powers or that the sequence was slowed down for dramatic effect?

Answer: Of course it didn't happen as shown; that would be impossible and highly dangerous. Tricky camera angles, safety equipment, and carefully choreogrphed stunt work helped make this appear like one, continuous fluid motion.

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