Continuity mistake: Octopussy is standing next to her bed when Bond comes to kiss her. They kiss. In the next shot when they lay down on the bed they are inside the golden 'legs' of the bed. But they didn't move sideways and definitely did not step over the leg. (01:12:15)

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: The knife-thrower attempts to use a welder to temporarily blind Bond - we can see in that shot that it's an acetylene torch. However, in earlier shots when the welder is being used (off-camera), the sound is that of an arc welder.

Continuity mistake: When 009 is knifed in the back, the knife goes in all the way to the handle. When he crawls out of the water, the blade is visible. And if the knife had moved out by itself, it would be loose and would have fallen out.

Jacob La Cour

Plot hole: The Faberge egg General Orlov presents to Kamal Khan, then destroys, is the actual egg - not the "fake." We know this because Bond put the transmitter in the actual egg. (00:58:18 - 00:58:50)


Plot hole: When Bond wakes up in the monsoon palace, his watch is still beeping with the activated tracking mode. Wouldn't somebody have noticed the constant beeping while he was brought there? The tracker is shown to have a range of several hundred meters, so it would certainly have been in range of the transmitter at least part of the time while Gobinda dragged him back to Kamal's palace.

Doc Premium member

Continuity mistake: During the fight at the Monsoon Palace it is dark. When Kamal rides to the plane, the sun is high in the sky (at least three hours after sunrise).

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the Circus scene towards the end of the movie James Bond holds up a program to cover his face, and you can clearly see a clown's face on the back of the program. A few seconds later (and in subsequent shots) the back of the program is blank.

Octopussy mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws the baddie on the bed of steel spikes, the spikes bend revealing they're made of rubber (despite a crunch and a yell of pain being heard).

Sacha Premium member

Octopussy mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bond escapes from the train and drives away the number and position of the bullet holes changes between shots.

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Revealing mistake: When Bond is driving on two wheels, the stuntman behind the wheel is very noticeable, mainly because of his toupee.

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Continuity mistake: Grishcka holds the lower tip of the diamond but a shot later the diamond is tucked inside his hand. (01:31:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Grischka pins Bond to the cabin door with his knives, he takes out a knife and attempts to kill Bond for killing his twin brother. Bond then opens the cabin door and then kills Grischka by opening the cabin door and throwing a knife into his stomach. If you watch carefully, you can see the cabin door begin to open before Bond pulls the cabin handle down.

Continuity mistake: During the pre-credits sequence, Bond pulls the ripcords on the parachutes of the two guards who are in the truck with him and the guard on the right is holding a rifle in his right hand, but when he is flying in the air in the next shot, the rifle has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and M are driving through Berlin, in the outside shots, their car is a Mercedes-Benz Type W123 standard wheelbase sedan. In the take when the driver is talking, he's driving that vehicle. When the camera switches to Bond and M in the back seat, it's a long-wheelbase V123 Pullman sedan, evidence being the large pop out rear quarter windows and M leaning forward to open his door. (01:17:57)

Continuity mistake: When Bond is fighting Gobinda on the roof of the train carriage, Grischka appears and you can see from behind he puts his left hand on the roof, but when the camera angle changes in the next shot, Grischka now has his right hand on the roof.

Factual error: When Bond is fighting with Glenda on the wagon roof, shortly before passing a tunnel, which is supposed to be already in West Germany, a communist slogan is visible on the tunnel entry, stating 'Our contribution to a positive balance: daily fulfillment of the plan'. Not something that would be on the west side.

Continuity mistake: Bond arrives in West Berlin to travel to Karl-Marx-Stadt. The Mercedes stops just before Checkpoint Charlie and the other guy gets out of the car. One can see the license plate - which appears to be genuine German (DIN font and spacing etc). When the "same" car later arrives at the Circus the plates are obviously props. The font is off and the plates are obviously fake.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is beside the train going through the station there is nothing on the left, but as the train leaves a platform has appeared, and an engine shed and a brick bridge This was filmed back at the main station because of the double track set up.

Octopussy: Who is he?
Kamal Kahn: Englishman. Likes eggs, preferably Fabergé, and dice, preferably loaded.

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Trivia: The "blink and you'll miss it" part of Smithers (Q's assistant who triggers the powerful door-slam) is played by Jeremy Bulloch. Only worth noting because we see his face for once, as he's most famous for a part where he wears a mask - Boba Fett in the Star Wars sequels.

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Question: Was Kristina Wayborn's descent from the balcony (in which she tips herself backwards and slides down using her sari as a rope) really carried out as shown? I would have thought that she should plummet to the ground much faster - too fast to be sure of landing feet first - and risk a broken bone or more. Are we to assume that Bond girls have magical powers or that the sequence was slowed down for dramatic effect?

Answer: Of course it didn't happen as shown; that would be impossible and highly dangerous. Tricky camera angles, safety equipment, and carefully choreogrphed stunt work helped make this appear like one, continuous fluid motion.

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