Safe House
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Tobin Frost: Time's a-wasting. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Tobin Frost: Remember rule number one: you are responsible for your house guest. I'm your house guest.

Matt Weston: How am I supposed to get more experience by staring at four walls all day?

Tobin Frost: I think you need to consider how your safe house was attacked in the first place. That house was a secure location. Whoever crashed it, they were invited. Someone told them, someone you know...
Matt Weston: You're not gonna get in my head.
Tobin Frost: I am already in your head!

Tobin Frost: "You've done a fine job, son. We'll take it from here." That's when you know you're screwed.

Other mistake: The caption onscreen when the C.I.A. Headquarters are shown reads "Langely, Virginia". It should be Langley. [Might be Netflix only].

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Question: In the second safe house, the dialogue that takes place in the kitchen - how did Matt guess the housekeeper was not to be trusted? (01:00:00)

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