Safe House

Visible crew/equipment: When Frost arrives at the Counterfeit house, there is another person in his car, who gets down in the same time with him. (01:07:27)

Continuity mistake: When Frost is checking the documents at the Counterfeiters house, Frost borrows his glasses and in a quick camera shot of the Counterfeiter he is wearing them even though he has passed them to Frost.

Other mistake: The caption onscreen when the C.I.A. Headquarters are shown reads "Langely, Virginia". It should be Langley. [Might be Netflix only].

Continuity mistake: When Denzel is at the forger's house, they are upstairs drinking wine. They toast and Denzel drains his wine glass. The shot changes to show both characters and Denzel is seen to place his now half-full glass of wine on the table. No time has passed to refill his glass.

Continuity mistake: When the agents fly over from DC to Cape Town in the private jet, the in-flight exterior shot shows the plane as a Falcon, yet when it lands it is a Gulfstream.

Plot hole: When the CIA detects that Matt is accessing sensitive information to track Frost, they trace Matt's location and find out that he is using a public computer in a cafe. We then see that Matt is viewing the same kind of software, files, etc. that the CIA views at their agency. There is simply no plausible way that a random public computer would have CIA software, or be able to access CIA data at all, regardless of Matt's clearance. The computer itself would have to be on a secure domain.

Other mistake: Twice during the film the words "C.I.A Headquarters." appears in the bottom of the screen. This is a grammatical mistake as the filmmakers forgot the third period/dot after the "A" in "C.I.A."

Factual error: The station under Cape Town stadium do not exist. Although the first tram line was from Cape Town to Green Point (the stadium's location) it was discontinued just before world war 2.

Continuity mistake: When Barlow shoots Linklater, he has no necktie on, but he is wearing one when he gets out of the car.

Other mistake: During the invasion of the safe house, it is noticeable that all the operatives have standard AR's without attachments. This seems highly unlikely as they would have customized their weapons.

Tobin Frost: I think you need to consider how your safe house was attacked in the first place. That house was a secure location. Whoever crashed it, they were invited. Someone told them, someone you know...
Matt Weston: You're not gonna get in my head.
Tobin Frost: I am already in your head!

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Question: In the second safe house, the dialogue that takes place in the kitchen - how did Matt guess the housekeeper was not to be trusted? (01:00:00)

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