The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

Corrected entry: When Edward and Bella kiss at their wedding, the camera pans around. As it pans, the seats are empty and no one is there. When they stop kissing, everyone is back.


Correction: This is done on purpose to show that Edward and Bella are so focused on each other that they are nearly oblivious to everyone around them.


Corrected entry: The first night Bella and Edward arrive at the island, Bella is frustrated with Alice because she didn't pack her any bathing suits so she had to skinny dip. However, the next few scenes, she magically has a white bathing suit for the waterfall.

Correction: Bella's not frustrated because she can't find a bathing suit; she's freaking out because Alice has packed all kinds of embarrassing sexy lingerie.


Corrected entry: In the last few scenes of the film, when the Cullens are crossing Bella's hands on her stomach, you will see a ring on her left ring finger that is not her wedding ring. Then they place her right hand on top of her left hand and her wedding ring is on the right ring finger. The wedding ring is still on her right ring finger throughout the shot when the camera zooms in and shows a close up shot from her head to where her hands are resting on her stomach.

Correction: You're right that the large oval diamond-studded engagement ring is on Bella's right hand, while there is a plain band on her left hand. This is not a mistake, however. When Bella got married she decided to wear the wedding band on her left hand [like you're supposed to] and, since the setting on the engagement ring is too big to wear it on the same finger as the wedding band, she transferred it to her right hand instead. If you watch closely you'll see that whenever she wears both rings they are worn this way.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Esme takes sandwiches to Jacob, Leah, and Seth, she holds her hand out to give them the food. The scene cuts to another angle, and she offers them the food again.


Correction: I've watched this several times. Esme actually offers the sandwiches to each person (Seth, Jacob, and Leah) one-at-a-time. Esme first gives a sandwich to Seth, who takes it, but when one is offered to Leah, she refuses. Esme then hands a sandwich to Jacob.

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Corrected entry: When Charlie and Renee are speaking to Bella before the wedding, she starts off with one wave hanging down on the right side, and then it goes from behind her ears to in front in between shots, and changes sides at least once.


Correction: This is not a mistake you are seeing the way it looks in the mirror. The shot referred to "Alice and Rosalie switching places" is a reflection as the camera is looking in the mirror.

Corrected entry: When Alice is putting in Bella's hair comb, Alice and Rosalie constantly change sides from shot-to-shot. At one point, Alice is behind Bella on the left and Rosalie is on the right, and in the next shot, they switch, then switch back.

Correction: They don't change sides at all. The scene is shot from two viewpoints, one looking directly at the three, then from behind them and you are seeing their reversed reflections in the mirror, making it look like they switched places next to Bella. You can see the back of Bella's head at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen as she looks into the mirror.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where they get the idea for Bella to drink blood, Jacob moves to the other side of the couch away from Bella twice.

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Correction: Jacob does move twice, but it is not the same shot. First, he is next to Bella (to keep her warm) before moving away. After a brief interval, he moves from that spot to even farther away and then on to an adjacent sofa.

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Corrected entry: After the housekeepers come in, Bella and Edward sit on the couch and Bella puts on a purple shirt over her tank top. They begin to make out when the maid comes in. When they cut from the maid to Edward and Bella again her purple shirt has disappeared.

Correction: Actually, she is still wearing the purple shirt, but its sleeve gets pushed up over the top of her shoulder, making it look like she only has the sleeveless tank top on. If you look closely, you can see she is still wearing the purple shirt.

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Corrected entry: Even though Edward is in Brazil and on Esme's island during the honeymoon scenes, he is not sparkling, which the vampires are supposed to do in sunlight. This is also noticeable during the daytime scenes when he is playing chess and is swimming with Bella in the waterfall/river.

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Correction: Actually, when they are playing chess, the sun is not out. He does sparkle once, when they are about to jump from the top of the water fall. You can briefly see his shoulder sparkle for a little bit.

Corrected entry: When Alice is putting in Bella's hair clip before the wedding, she puts it in once, and the shot changes angle and you see her put it in again. It's because the girls change places too, first Alice is on the left and Rosalie is putting the clip in her hair, it pans out and back at them and then they are on opposite sides and Alice is putting the clip in.


Correction: The moment of putting in the hair clip in is just overlapping by change of angle and capturing Bella's mimic. And Rosalie and Alice don't change places, it's just the view in the mirror between the views from in front of all of them.

Continuity mistake: When Edward and Bella are in the taxi in Brazil, he has his wedding ring on. In the shot when he kisses Bella in the street, the ring is suddenly gone.

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Edward Cullen: No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we'll start with forever.

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Trivia: The newborn goo used during Bella's birth scene was made from cream cheese and jelly.

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Question: If imprinting is possible for werewolves then why didn't Jacob do it to Bella? Mad Magazine pointed this out as he does this to her daughter, kind of creepy it was.


Answer: Imprinting is an involuntary mechanism. The shape-shifter can't voluntarily imprint on anybody. Jacob tried to imprint on Bella but was unable to do so and began going around looking for other girls to imprint on but, is unable to do it of his own free will.

On the flip side, Sam Ulee was in love with Leah Clearwater, but then he involuntarily imprinted on Emily, dumping Leah and breaking her heart.

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Answer: In addition to the other answer, imprinting is not only a sexual thing. As Jacob explains it, it is about being whatever the person who is imprinted on wants or needs, whether it is as a lover, a protector, a life-long friend, etc.

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