Factual error: In the scene where Nathan and Lily's location is tracked online when chatting, it's evening in the USA and already dark sometime before dinner - yet the tracker calls his boss in London, England and it's daylight. Time-wise this is not possible.

Mike Isaacs

Plot hole: When Nathan contacts the web site's operator from Karen's house his current location was tracked but the two agents are deployed to Nathan's house instead .


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Gilly: Dude, I can't believe how mainstream you guys are.

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Trivia: Nathan and Karen were spotted traveling on the "Fourth Street Bridge." The odds of being on a bridge when fleeing the city of Pittsburgh (movie's primary setting) are quite high - there are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh, the greatest number of any other city in the world. [Venice, Italy previously held the record with 443 bridges.] Perhaps not surprisingly, Pittsburgh is nicknamed "The City of Bridges."


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