Trivia: There are a few "Pittsburgs" in the United States, but there is only ONE "Pittsburgh"! Historically, there was a time when Pittsburgh was officially spelled WITHOUT the "h" (1899 - 1911) and another period where it was misspelled in some documents as "Pittsburg." The missing "h" upset a lot of Pittsburgers and it was eventually reacquired (reattached). Despite U.S. efforts to standardize "burg", Pittsburgh (and only Pittsburgh, PA!) was "given permission" to be exempt from the "burg" spelling.


Trivia: Depending on one's perspective, the creation ("invention") of McDonald's "Big Mac" in a Pittsburgh suburb (1966-67) was a wonderful or a horrific event! Whether related or unrelated, Pittsburgh has the highest number of bars (taverns/pubs) per capita than any other U.S. city.


Trivia: Older negative descriptive words for the city of Pittsburgh, such as "smoky" and "rust-belt", have been largely replaced with more positive ones, such as "most livable", "comeback", "up and coming", and "The BURGH." The city that was "built on steel" has been transformed, now being a major thriving city known for cultural richness and medical, educational, and technological advancements.


Trivia: "The City of Bridges" isn't Pittsburgh's only nickname. Other nicknames include "Iron City" and "Steel City" (referring to manufacturing prior to deindustrialization); "City of Champions", "Blitzburgh" and "Sixburgh" (pertaining to Super Bowls won by the Steelers); "Smoky City" and "Dirty 'Burgh" (self-explanatory); and the more derogatory "$h!tsburgh."


Trivia: Nathan and Karen were spotted traveling on the "Fourth Street Bridge." The odds of being on a bridge when fleeing the city of Pittsburgh (movie's primary setting) are quite high - there are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh, the greatest number of any other city in the world. [Venice, Italy previously held the record with 443 bridges.] Perhaps not surprisingly, Pittsburgh is nicknamed "The City of Bridges."


Continuity mistake: In the restaurant scene Nathan has a glass in his right hand on the table. The next shot appears the glass on the table without his hand, and then again in Nathan's hand.

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Nathan: Whoa! You joining the militia group or something?
Gilly: So I go to the gun range like three or four times a week to blow off steam. I'm a virgin. What else am I gonn' do?

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