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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Nathan asks Mara if she is his mother and receives the call from Karen, daylight is visible out the window. However, in the span of time it takes Mara to go downstairs to get Kevin, and Karen to rush across the street, the scene is suddenly dark and night.

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Burton: I assure you I have the situation under control.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the boy?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the list?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Then you don't have things under control, Frank.

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Trivia: Nathan and Karen were spotted traveling on the "Fourth Street Bridge." The odds of being on a bridge when fleeing the city of Pittsburgh (movie's primary setting) are quite high - there are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh, the greatest number of any other city in the world. [Venice, Italy previously held the record with 443 bridges.] Perhaps not surprisingly, Pittsburgh is nicknamed "The City of Bridges."


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