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Burton: How about I buy you a burger and a milkshake?

Kevin: You wanna play with no rules, you better be careful what you let outta the box.

Burton: Nathan, ya have to trust me.
Nathan: Trust needs to be earned.

Nathan: I can't believe you're making me fight hungover.
Kevin: You wanna drink like a man, then let's see if you can fight like a man.

Kozlow: When I'm finished, you'll be responsible for the death of every friend you have on Facebook.

Burton: I assure you I have the situation under control.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the boy?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the list?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Then you don't have things under control, Frank.

Gilly: Dude, I can't believe how mainstream you guys are.

Nathan: Whoa! You joining the militia group or something?
Gilly: So I go to the gun range like three or four times a week to blow off steam. I'm a virgin. What else am I gonn' do?

Plot hole: When Nathan contacts the web site's operator from Karen's house his current location was tracked but the two agents are deployed to Nathan's house instead .


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Trivia: Older negative descriptive words for the city of Pittsburgh, such as "smoky" and "rust-belt", have been largely replaced with more positive ones, such as "most livable", "comeback", "up and coming", and "The BURGH." The city that was "built on steel" has been transformed, now being a major thriving city known for cultural richness and medical, educational, and technological advancements.


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