Plot hole: When Nathan contacts the web site's operator from Karen's house his current location was tracked but the two agents are deployed to Nathan's house instead .


Continuity mistake: In the restaurant scene Nathan has a glass in his right hand on the table. The next shot appears the glass on the table without his hand, and then again in Nathan's hand.

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Burton: I assure you I have the situation under control.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the boy?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Do you have the list?
Burton: No.
Tom Shealey: Then you don't have things under control, Frank.

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Trivia: "The City of Bridges" isn't Pittsburgh's only nickname. Other nicknames include "Iron City" and "Steel City" (referring to manufacturing prior to deindustrialization); "City of Champions", "Blitzburgh" and "Sixburgh" (pertaining to Super Bowls won by the Steelers); "Smoky City" and "Dirty 'Burgh" (self-explanatory); and the more derogatory "$h!tsburgh."


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