No Way Out

Other mistake: When at sea and during the crew member foc'sle rescue, the ship's crew, including Kevin Costner, are wearing ship ball caps reflecting USS Billings (BB 1369) and the BB represents "Battleship." However they are actually on a Guided Missile Destroyer "DDG 21", the USS Cochrane, as indicated by the hull number 21. (00:15:00 - 00:17:00)

Factual error: 26,000 people work in the Pentagon. If they were to all file past one person so he can try to pick out a crime suspect, and each person takes just two seconds to walk past, be checked, eliminated and sent on their way, it will take fourteen and a half hours to clear the building. There are going to be some very unhappy people at the back of the queue.

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Scott Pritchard: I am tired of weakness! I am faced with a grave problem, and I intend to resolve it quickly and cleanly.

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