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No Way Out (1987)

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Corrected entry: Scott Pritchard answers the phone, playing the character of Will Patton. When he answers the phone he says "Pritchard here."

Correction: Will Patton is the actor's real name. Scott Pritchard is the character's name.


Corrected entry: At the party where Kevin Costner meets Sean Young and Gene Hackman for the first time, and during the other early scenes, he's wearing the medal and ribbon for the Navy Cross - but he doesn't win the medal until later in the movie when he rescues the lookout during the storm, and this is what gets Gene Hackman to remember him (when he sees the story in the newspaper). He's too young and doesn't have the right other ribbons to have won the medal in Vietnam or any other action.

Correction: The Navy Cross is not a medal earned for non-combat heroics. You must be engaged with an enemy force to receive it. What Costner did by saving the look-out during the storm was to "risk his life in an effort to save a life" - that would rate the "Navy and Marine Corps Medal". The Navy and Marine Corps Medal is the United States highest award given by the Naval Services for non-combat heroism.


Corrected entry: In Kevin Costner and Sean Young's famous scene together the limousine has tinted windows when seen from the outside and clear windows in their close-ups.


Correction: The scene was shot in the same limousine they used for the exteriors. It's fitted with one way glass.


Corrected entry: When Kevin Costner leaves the function near the start of the movie with the female star they take a taxi. Costner sits to the left of the female. The camera switches to the driver - returns to the seat and Costner has "moved" places, before they have begun to "get acquainted".

Correction: After the shot faces the driver it then shows what the driver sees in the mirror, thus Kevin is on the opposite side of the girl as it is a mirror image. The camera then switches back to Kevin and the girl in the back seat and they are sitting the correct way, with Kevin on the left.


Corrected entry: At the end when the guy you thought was the landlord addresses Kevin Costner, they're supposedly speaking to each other in Russian. In reality, they're speaking Ukrainian - a similar, but different language.

Correction: "Russian" and "Soviet" was often used interchangeably during the 1980s when this film was made. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and there is no reason why there would not be Ukrainians working for the KGB.


Factual error: The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world. It has seven floors, 28 kilometers of corridors and 620,000 square metres of office floor space. The idea that the entire building could be searched in one afternoon by six people is beyond absurd. If those six people could search an average of one office every five minutes and they worked twenty four hours a day, seven days a week they'd get through the whole building in 89 days and 15 hours. I don't think the punter they are looking for has a lot to worry about.

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Tom Farrell: Let's get out of here.
Susan Atwell: My date's not going to like that much. But what the hell, his wife will be delighted.

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