No Way Out

No Way Out (1987)

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After Secretary of Defense David Brice (Gene Hackman) kills his mistress, Susan (Sean Young), he and his advisor secretly plot to blame a mythical figure of a spy, Yuri, with the killing to cover David. Commander Tommy Farell (Kevin Costner), who had an affair with Susan, hears of this and is desperate to find David guilty, or he'll be found guilty as a spy. While he makes his efforts to search for an evidence, a negative of a photo with his picture, found at the scene of the crime, is being developed, and time is running out. Tommy eventually finds an ashtray David gave to Susan, which proves his involvment in the story. Arriving at David's office, both man confront each other with the presence of David's advisor. David urges Tommy not to show the evidence, and offers that his advisor will be the spy. The Advisor is shocked, even as David tells him he will help him during that. Tommy refuses to do so and is about to leave - when suddenly the advisor pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the end. Now, with a dead body, David can easily claim him to be the spy, Yuri. Tommy is furious, but leaves anyway. At a local cemetary, two men pick Tommy up and drive him to an abandoned house, where they interrogate him with a tape recorder. We then realize that Tommy being Susan's lover was planned... But by who? Tommy screams at the two man since they almost left him for dead - when suddenly Tommy's landlors comes in... and speaks with Tommy in russian. Tommy was Yuri all along... However, he decides to quit and leaves. His landlord smiles. He knows Tommy will be back.

Matt Barnes

Factual error: The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world. It has seven floors, 28 kilometers of corridors and 620,000 square metres of office floor space. The idea that the entire building could be searched in one afternoon by six people is beyond absurd. If those six people could search an average of one office every five minutes and they worked twenty four hours a day, seven days a week they'd get through the whole building in 89 days and 15 hours. I don't think the punter they are looking for has a lot to worry about.

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Tom Farrell: Well, then, Brice is in an impossible situation. We should just call in the FBI.
Scott Pritchard: Don't be an idiot. Do you realise the magnitude of the scandal? The Secretary of Defense and a Soviet agent sharing the favors of a murdered whore.

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