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Corrected entry: During the first instant replay of the finish of the Toyko race, Francisco Bertoulli crosses the finish line with no other cars around him (in the shot from track level). In the shot from above, Lightning McQueen is shown crossing the finish line half a car length behind him.


Correction: McQueen is seen the whole time.


Corrected entry: Mater sees a weary car at the beginning that has leaked oil and tows it. As Mater tows away the car, the car's tyre goes right through the oil leak. Yet no trail of oil is made, even though the tyre goes right through it.


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Correction: Engine oil only makes a trail on a smooth non-absorbent surface, not on dirt. I myself used to park my car on a patch of earth where there was a huge black oil spot. Nothing stuck to my car ever.


Corrected entry: When, at the Tokyo airport, Mater is driving while pulling McMissile behind him, McMissile fires a rocket from his headlight. You can see that his wheels are spinning in a forward motion even though he is being pulled by Mater.


Correction: This is a naturally occurring effect. Turn a floor fan on hi and switch it off and as it gets slower it appears to slow stop and reverse but continues the same direction until stopped.

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Professor Zundapp: Lightning McQueen cannot win the race.
Grem: Instead of saying "ka-chow, " he's gonna go "ka-boom!"



In the scene where Mater enters the terminal at the airport, a mark showing that his symbol was completely scraped off is visible on one of his sides, but when he goes through the gate, that mark is no longer there.



The Pizza Planet truck is visible cheering on the right side of the track at the World Grand Prix in Radiator Springs at the end of the movie.