X-Men: First Class

Other mistake: The knife used in the Argentina pub scene never has any blood on it, despite being driven into one man's stomach and another man's hand-twice.

Other mistake: When Shaw enters the CIA research facility, he grabs a man by the collar and tosses him into the air, yet he never comes back down.

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Other mistake: Near the end of the film, Magneto finally kills Shaw by pushing a coin through his brain. The blood on the coin is already dry when it hits the ground, even though only seconds have passed, and since we're shown blood leaking from the entry wound later, we know that it wasn't dry to begin with.

Other mistake: In the version I watched, the subtitles that cover Sebastian Shaw's conversation with the Russian leader, had typos - the word 'missile' was spelled 'missle' on two, possibly three occasions and the word 'placed' was spelled 'places'.

Other mistake: In the credits James McAvoy is listed as Charles Xavier (Age 24), then Laurence Belcher is listed as Charles Xavier (Age 12). The opening scene plays in 1944, while the rest of the movie plays in 1962 - a difference of 18 years, not 12.

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Erik Lehnsherr: I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.



When Mystique is on the exercise table and Erik lifts the bar off her, her right leg changes from stretched out to bent from the different camera shots.



When Raven is making a pass at Erik in his bedroom he brushes her off by saying that she would need to be a little older. She then makes herself look older - this older woman is Rebecca Romijn, who played Mystique in the original 3 X-Men films.