Mystery Men

Trivia: The Mystery Men were originally a supporting crew for an underground superhero called The Flaming Carrot. The only original members of the Mystery Men to come from the comic book are the Shoveler, and Mr. Furious.

Trivia: Listen to what the Blue Raja says when Captain Amazing has finished beating up the Red Eyes, he says something like: "With the punching and the hurting", this is a reference to the Simpsons, Professor Frink (voiced by the person who plays the Blue Raja) talks just like that.

Trivia: At the end when the reporter asks for the name of the group, Kel Mitchell says the Super Dudes. This was one of the skits he used to make many appearances in on a show called All That on Nickelodeon.

Jackie Menechino

Trivia: At the tryouts, you can actually find some familiar faces. Comedian Dane Cook plays "Waffleman" in a cameo. Dana Gould also appears in a cameo as "Squeegeeman." And "Pencilhead" is played by Doug Jones, who is perhaps best known for playing roles under heavy makeup, appearing in films like "Hellboy," "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Shape of Water" as various monsters and creatures.


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Suggested correction: This isn't trivia since all 3 are credited for their roles. Plus, Dane Cook plays "The Waffler", not "Waffleman."


Trivia: The shoot was very hectic. Most of the cast were played by comedians/comedic actors, and they constantly were trying to one-up one another and arguing over the comedic tone of the film.


Trivia: Captain Amazing's publicist Vic mentions that he's "a publicist, not a magician." Which is pretty ironic since he's played by Ricky Jay, who was in fact a renowned magician.


Trivia: Danny DeVito was originally attached to direct the film and co-star as "The Shoveler," but left due to creative differences. Co-star Ben Stiller was also approached to direct, but he decided against it due to the size of the production. Finally, commercial director Kinka Usher signed on. It wound up being the only feature film he ever directed.


Trivia: Ever since the film came out, there has been a conspiracy theory that it was secretly directed by Tim Burton, and that director Kinka Usher was a pseudonym he used. Alleged "evidence" includes the fact it was the only film Usher ever directed. In truth, Usher is a very real person (in fact, he's a famous TV commercial director) and did indeed direct the film... he simply decided to go back to commercials after the movie came out as he didn't enjoy the experience making a feature film.


Continuity mistake: During his interview, the waffle iron held in the Waffler's right hand switched positions. At first it was being held by one side of the iron, then he was holding it by the handle, then it went back to being held by one side of the iron. His other hand had an oven mitt on it so there wasn't any way that he could have just simply switched hands.

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The Shoveller: God's given me a gift. I shovel well. I shovel very well.

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Chosen answer: Gauntlets that look cool and would help him block blows in hand-to-hand. (If he wasn't so bad at it, anyway.)

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