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Mystery Men is about a group of misfit up-and-coming wannabe heroes who, when a real superhero-whose a bit of a louse-goes missing shortly after the release of a master villain-have to try to band together and rise to the occasion despite their lack of formal training, mediocre abilities and struggle to believe in themselves! Can spoon-throwing, toxic farts, faulty invisibility, a possessed bowling ball-like sphere, a shovel, unbridled rage and being mysterious help?! These guys (and one woman) think so, and there's the show-silly powers and wacky bad-guys collide as the fate of the city they live in hangs in the balance. This should have been funnier, and could have been, but it remains OK and spoofs a great many superhero tropes! A great cast tries hard, but the writing and direction just needed some more attention.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: During his interview, the waffle iron held in the Waffler's right hand switched positions. At first it was being held by one side of the iron, then he was holding it by the handle, then it went back to being held by one side of the iron. His other hand had an oven mitt on it so there wasn't any way that he could have just simply switched hands.

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The Sphinx: You must be like wolf pack, not six-pack.

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Trivia: The Mystery Men were originally a supporting crew for an underground superhero called The Flaming Carrot. The only original members of the Mystery Men to come from the comic book are the Shoveler, and Mr. Furious.

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Question: At one point, Blue Raja mistakenly says that Bowler's father's name was Sal, which she immediately corrects as being Carmine. I never caught this till now after watching a recent animated Batman movie, but two of the big mob bosses that are rivals in Batman are Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. Considering the influences of this movie, is this intended to be a reference to the two Batman mob bosses?

Quantom X Premium member

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