Mystery Men

Continuity mistake: When the Mystery Men smash their "Magnetic" Herkimer bus through Casanova's Castle's main gate you can see a number of the lights mounted to the front of the bus are smashed, however, in the next couple of front on shots, you can see that all lights are working and intact.

Continuity mistake: When the squad is making new costumes with the Sphinx and the Shoveller is talking to someone, the tape measure keeps changing places. First it's outside his collar, then it's inside it.

Continuity mistake: During his interview, the waffle iron held in the Waffler's right hand switched positions. At first it was being held by one side of the iron, then he was holding it by the handle, then it went back to being held by one side of the iron. His other hand had an oven mitt on it so there wasn't any way that he could have just simply switched hands.

Continuity mistake: When the Blue Raja pushes his mom out of his room, there is a tremendous amount of smoke that appears outside the room. When his mother was peeking in his room, the room was not nearly smokey enough to produce this much smoke by closing the door. (00:22:10)


Continuity mistake: When the weapons builder is talking about the machine, from behind he puts one arm behind his back, but from the front both arms are out in front, gesturing. He puts one behind his back just as the shot changes. (01:18:50)

Continuity mistake: While the gang is trying to save Captain Amazing, the toggle switches next to The Bowler change positions between shots. Sometimes they are fully up or down, and sometimes they are at an angle. (01:19:00)


Continuity mistake: After the Blue Raja kills Captain Amazing, they retreat to the amusement park and the lab of Dr. Heller where the Shoveler is making egg salad. He opens a large jar of mayonnaise, scoops some out, and leaves the jar on the counter. A later shot shows the counter without the mayonnaise jar. Then the jar reappears. (01:22:30)


Continuity mistake: When the Blue Raja and his mother are having their touching moment in the attic she says that she always knew he was special, "I just didn't know how special". When she says this his is twirling 1 fork in his hand. The camera cuts as she finishes saying this and he suddenly has 3 forks in his hands. There was no time for him to get the other forks and he was not reaching anywhere near the silverware case. (01:26:50)


Continuity mistake: During Casanova's parole hearing, there is a clock on the wall behind the parole board. After Lance Hunt is done reading the "statement from Captain Amazing", this clock keeps showing different times for six shots. Whenever the camera is on the chairman of the parole committee, the clock shows 9.05 exactly, whenever it's on Hunt, the clock jumps back a few minutes, and shows 9.03.


Continuity mistake: When the Mystery Men barge into Casanova's mansion with their tank, they activate the super magnet and attract all the guns and weapons of the various gangs in the room, and later we see the Japanese gang use their guns while they (the guns) are still stuck to the magnet. This brings up one question, how could the Blue Raja and the Shoveller get out of the tank while the magnet was on without their weapons (forks and shovels) being attracted to it? [The Blue Raja throws silver, which isn't magnetic, but the shovel certainly would be...]

Continuity mistake: During the interviews for superheroes, the 2 Wonder Woman look-a-likes begin to fight. The camera then focuses on Mr. Furious and his friends. Notice the placement of food on the table in front of them. The camera cuts back to the fighting women then back to the table. The food has moved. The potato salad moved towards Mr. Furious and the hamburger disappeared. (00:43:35)


Continuity mistake: After the scene in the movie where Spleen gets shot in the derriere, that he still walks like normal despite having a painful bullet wound that should inhibit the way he walks a little bit.

Continuity mistake: When the gang is confronting Cassanova Frankenstein in his Corvette limo, the begin to beat up the car. The same shot of the Shoveler pounding in the side of the car is used twice. The first time dents the side panel. The second time he hits the car there is no dent prior to him hitting the car and the same dent appears after he hits the car. (00:51:35)


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Furious is talking to the waitress, we see the small piece of tissue paper he has up his nose to prevent bleeding. The waitress says she's not afraid of him and he "launches" the tissue out of his nose onto a charity donation box. When Mr. Furious picks up the tissue to put it back in his nose, the tissue is on a different place on the donation box than when it landed.

Continuity mistake: When they are debating parole for Casanova, Casanova is giving his plea. During this, he is sitting down while his hands are up near his chest. The camera changes angles to the entire room, and you can see his hands are in his lap, not up near his chest as seen in the scene before.

Continuity mistake: After the Mystery Men accidentally kill Captain Amazing, they make a quick exit, and The Blue Raja drops a fork while leaving. When we see Casanova hold up that fork to the machine we notice that the fork catches the light very well, as if it were new. Which means it wasn't the same fork, as the one that Blue Raja dropped wasn't that well polished to begin with.

Continuity mistake: The Shoveler says, "Nothing I couldn't move around" and puts out his thumb and pinky. Then cuts to a downward shot of the table and the three touch index fingers and pinkies. (00:34:59)

Continuity mistake: The Shoveler uses his hard hat as a fulcrum to shoot Roy up onto the roof of the car. When he kicks the shovel up a second later, he suddenly has the hat on.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: When the squad is making new costumes with the Sphinx and the Shoveller is talking to someone, the tape measure keeps changing places. First it's outside his collar, then it's inside it.

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The Blue Raja: I'm a superhero, Mother. An effete British superhero. Your boy's a Limey forkflinger, Mother! What WILL the bridge club say?

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Trivia: At the end when the reporter asks for the name of the group, Kel Mitchell says the Super Dudes. This was one of the skits he used to make many appearances in on a show called All That on Nickelodeon.

Jackie Menechino

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Question: Just interested, but when the Mystery Men are rescuing Captain Amazing, how did Amazing know the sequence for the release mechanism and where it was if he was unconscious when he was put there?

Heather Benton

Chosen answer: In a previous scene with Casanova, Capt. Amazing and he have done this (capture & escape) a lot! So much so that Capt. Amazing would have been in that situation before enough times to already know the sequence code from previous times being captured (and escaping).


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