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Corrected entry: In the scene where Invisible Boy becomes invisible, we see his clothes just drop to the floor as if he wasn't even there. Now if I remember right, he just turns invisible, not intangible. So he would have to take his clothes off like normal people do.

Correction: They never say he only becomes invisible, or that he doesn't become intangible. He was young and didn't fully understand his powers, that's why he never said he went intangible.

Corrected entry: When the shoveler arrives at home, he drives his car onto a purple dinosaur. The squeaking noise that the dinosaur makes occurs only after the car has stopped. Sound from a squeeze toy occurs while the toy is being squeezed. At this point the air would have already been pushed out of the toy so the sound should have already occurred. (00:19:40)


Correction: Some squeeze toys also make a squeek sound when they take in air as well. It's not unusual.

Corrected entry: When one the Red Eyes ripped off the prosthetic arm of an old man, that arm had a wrist watch on it. It was still on the arm as the arm was flung across the room into the punch bowl. Later when we see Mr. Furious thrown onto the table, which launches the prosthetic arm up to chandelier, the wrist watch is missing. (00:02:25)


Correction: It's entirely possible that one of the Red Eye members took the wristwatch off the prosthetic arm after it landed in the punch bowl but before Mr. Furious hit the table. The leader of the gang told them to steal anything and everything.

Corrected entry: In his audition, the Waffler burns his face with his waffle iron. However, this is impossible since the iron isn't plugged in.

Correction: Well, as he needs to take it with him on his forays into crime fighting, obviously he found a portable way to power it.

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Corrected entry: When Mr. Furious is starting his motorcycle and hits his crotch, you hear his "Ooooohhh Aaaahhh" of pain, yet when you look at his mouth he is clenching his teeth.

Correction: I don't know about you, but I can certainly say "Ooooohhh Aaaahhh" through clenched teeth.

Corrected entry: When the Mystery Men are at Casanova's mansion, Casanova appears at the top of the stairs holding Monica (Roy's girlfriend) hostage - how did Monica get there? None of Casanova's cronies could have gotten her, because they are all at his mansion long before Captain Amazing is killed, after which the Mystery Men go back to the inventor's warehouse to decide what they are going to do next, and Roy says goodbye to her before he goes with everyone else to fight Casanova.

Correction: There is nothing to indicate that all of the gang members are at the mansion the whole time. There was plenty of time for Casanova to send someone out to fetch Monica, in the while the Mystery Men are in the warehouse and junkyard gearing up. Seeing how they had to equip and refurbish the tank, this could take hours.


Corrected entry: After the Invisible Boy turns back, you see him cover up. If you slow it down, he is wearing something to keep his modesty.

Correction: As stipulated in the rules of the site, if you need to use slo-mo in order to spot something, then it's not a valid mistake.


Corrected entry: When the Blue Raja throws forks into the wall for Mr. Furious to climb, you can see something white around them which bolts them into the wall.

Correction: The white stuff on the walls is not bolting the forks in. It is the plaster showing after the forks chipped the paint away from the wall.

Corrected entry: While in training with the Sphinx the gang walks across hot coals. When the Spleen walks across the coals, bursts of fire appear. This is implying that he is passing gas as he walks. If this is the case then the bursts of fire should come from his butt and be forced away from his body. Instead the bursts of fire start from the bed of coals and shoot upwards. (00:59:15)


Correction: This would only be the case if he had a coal immediately at his butt. In this case, he emits a cloud of gas, the cloud sinks due to being heavier than the surrounding air. When the bottom of the cloud drops down to the zone above the coals where the temperature matches the ignition temperature of the gas, the gas then burns from the bottom up, but by that time the top of the gas is no longer connected to his butt.


Corrected entry: In the beginning after Captain Amazing defeats the red eyes a reporter tells him that he has lost his Pepsi contract and when he gets in his limo he rips off the logo. When the Mystery Men try to save him in Casanova Frankenstein's mansion he still has his Pepsi logo on.

Correction: Time passes between the Red Eye battle and when Captain Amazing confronts Casanova. Captain Amazing probably has a whole closet full of suits and grabbed one that still had the Pepsi logo. It's also possible that he continues to wear the logo to promote the image that nothing's wrong and he's in control of the situation (although he isn't), which is in keeping with his character.

Continuity mistake: When the Mystery Men smash their "Magnetic" Herkimer bus through Casanova's Castle's main gate you can see a number of the lights mounted to the front of the bus are smashed, however, in the next couple of front on shots, you can see that all lights are working and intact.

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The Blue Raja: I'm a superhero, Mother. An effete British superhero. Your boy's a Limey forkflinger, Mother! What WILL the bridge club say?

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Trivia: Listen to what the Blue Raja says when Captain Amazing has finished beating up the Red Eyes, he says something like: "With the punching and the hurting", this is a reference to the Simpsons, Professor Frink (voiced by the person who plays the Blue Raja) talks just like that.

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Chosen answer: Gauntlets that look cool and would help him block blows in hand-to-hand. (If he wasn't so bad at it, anyway.)

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