The Other Guys

Continuity mistake: Gamble and Hoitz get thrown to the ground when the accounting office explodes. In an overhead shot of them rolling around on the ground, Gamble's wooden gun has fallen from its holster and is lying on the ground. Cut to a side shot and the gun is back in its holster. Gamble had both hands covering his ears the whole time, he did not pick up the gun. Then comes another overhead shot, the wooden gun is again missing from the holster.

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Continuity mistake: The car is replaced with a grey door after it is in an accident. When you see the car on a train to Las Vegas the car door is red again. Every time you see it after this it is back to being grey.

Continuity mistake: When Danson and Highsmith are celebrating in the office their medals are visible. But when Allen says, 'And we'll do it again and again', Highsmith yells at him and their medals disappear. However, during the next shot their medals reappear again.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film while Terry and Allen are bickering about doing paperwork, Terry's computer Solitaire game varies significantly as the camera moves back and forth between then. (First, there's only one line of cards, then there are three, then one, then four.) Terry is not interacting with the computer in any way during this scene.


Continuity mistake: The color of the car's back passenger door goes from grey, then red, then white, then back to red throughout the entire movie after the old bums have their way inside of it.

Continuity mistake: Wahlberg is involved in a silent fight after the funeral of Johnson and Jackson and during the part when Keaton comes to break it up, the pictures behind him on the wall change directions, moving between tilted and barely straight.

Continuity mistake: Shelia's dress changes in one of the dinner scenes. Sometimes off the shoulder, then above the shoulder and then below, etc.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are talking to Michael Keaton in the store where Keaton works part-time, watch the people in the background. The same girl is browsing the shelves when the camera is pointing down the aisle between the characters and also when the camera is pointing directly at Keaton (i.e. she is two different locations in the store simultaneously).

Continuity mistake: Receptionist brings drinks into Ershon's office and leaves the door open on exiting but shortly after door is closed.

Continuity mistake: Terry and Allen meet with the SEC honcho and the pen (in the right side of the set on the desk) goes from on the desk to in the holder without anyone touching it.


Continuity mistake: When Terry and Allen are driving on the bridge from New York to New Jersey, they are shown in an aerial shot as traveling in the right hand lane, (the one closest to the railing), yet when we see them inside the car, the background shows cars passing them on the right.


Continuity mistake: During the fight scene in David Ershon's office, Will Ferrell grabs a painting off the wall and smashes it, and just seconds later, while the fight scene is still happening, the same painting is up on the wall in perfect condition.

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