Grown Ups

Corrected entry: The lifeguard's pants at the pool are first black, then dark green, and then in the next scene black again.

Correction: They are always dark green. Its just the way the light shines on them that makes it look like they are black.


Corrected entry: When Adam Sandler makes a bet with Chris Rock for $5, Chris loses the bet and automatically pulls out a perfectly flat 5 dollar bill out of his pocket.


Correction: The bill is perfectly visible as a folded and used bill. I keep a single bill in my suit pocket (for "emergencies") all the time and thus know it is there. So Kurt just has one single 5$ bill in his pocket, and gives it to Lenny, no mistake in that scene.


Corrected entry: When the group sneaks in to go down the water slide they each get in the water and begin to slide down on their backside. However, when the camera shoots them coming off the slide they are sitting in inner tubes. Did they stop off somewhere and pick these up, or what?

Correction: When they have their inner tubes there's a montage going on. The scene has several shots that have both inner tubes and none, and different combinations of people going down.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are remembering their old coach, Adam Sandler has a bucket of KFC Chicken. In between shots, the KFC bucket changes from silver to red.


Correction: The bucket just changes sides. Look at it on Lamonsoff's (Kevin James) head when they get back.

Corrected entry: When Lenny meets Dickie Bailey at Woodman's restaurant, it is as though the two are meeting for the first time in 30 years. Lenny even asks, "Dickie Bailey? Long time, no see. How you doing, man?" Dickie was at the coach's funeral. Lenny and Dickie would have met, and exchanged verbal jabs, then.

Correction: Apparently they did not.

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Corrected entry: For the arrows to fall back to the point (or just to the vicinity) from which they were fired, as they do in the games of "arrow roulette," the angle of the arrows, when fired, would have to have been perfectly vertical. In both roulette games, the angle of the fired arrows was significantly off vertical. Even a slight deviation from perfectly vertical would cause the arrows to land nowhere near the point from which they were fired.

Correction: Once you account for wind speed and direction, a vertically loosed arrow would wind up quite a ways downwind from where the archer stands. This is why they loose the arrow at a slight angle, into the wind.

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Corrected entry: Rob frowns on Lenny cooking bacon in the kitchen, saying that only vegan fare is allowed, yet has no problem later eating chicken out of Eric's KFC bucket.

Correction: KFC bucket wasn't in his kitchen, where only vegan fare is allowed. His wife is the hardcore vegan, he just accommodates her preferences.

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Continuity mistake: In the dock scene where Rob Schneider kicks David Spade in the groin the first time for supposedly sleeping with his daughter, his good foot has a black shoe on it. Then as you see him kicking Daid Spade he has no shoe but is in bare feet, But when he falls down from the pain in his bad foot you can see that he now has a black shoe on his good foot again. (00:11:45)

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Deanne McKenzie: How about I take you out for a date night every Thursday?
Kurt McKenzie: Well, Thursday night is Grey's Anatomy, but any other night would be great.

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