Grown Ups

Continuity mistake: In the dock scene where Rob Schneider kicks David Spade in the groin the first time for supposedly sleeping with his daughter, his good foot has a black shoe on it. Then as you see him kicking Daid Spade he has no shoe but is in bare feet, But when he falls down from the pain in his bad foot you can see that he now has a black shoe on his good foot again. (00:11:45)

Julie Hart Cusato

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the water park, the ladies are looking at the Canadian. In the background there is a yellow towel on a chair. But between the shots, it changes to a blue towel and then back to a yellow.

Continuity mistake: When Greg and Andre are waiting in line to go on a water slide when Jasmine gets off, there's a girl wearing a black bikini, plus other people. When the next man gets off Greg and Andre have disappeared, and the girl with the bikini and the other people are in the same spot.

Cloude2 Premium member

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