Despicable Me

Continuity mistake: During one of Gru's attempts to break into Vector's house, he is targeted with many bombs. In the first shot, only one of the bombs is colored red on the end. In the next shot, at least half of the bombs are colored red on the end.

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Character mistake: After Gru tucks the girls in for the night, Dr. Nefario tells him that there are 48 hours until the rocket's scheduled launch. The rocket launch, then, should have taken place at night, around the time the girls go to bed, two days later. The rocket, however, launches during daylight hours.


Continuity mistake: Gru drops the bag with the muffin in just before his video call. The bag and muffin disappear instantly. (00:06:30)

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Factual error: When the moon is regrowing, it destroys the ship (which is pushing it further into the sky), yet the moon is still pushed into the sky anyway, even though there isn't anything to push it. Even if only the cockpit was destroyed and the rocket's engine was still there, it still wouldn't have been strong enough to push the moon into orbit anyway.

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Continuity mistake: When Gru is explaining his plan to the minions, one of them takes out a torpedo and fires. The torpedo is held by one of the taller minions at first, but after the torpedo has fired and Gru says "Hey, Dave", we can see the torpedo was held by one of the smaller minions.

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Continuity mistake: The tourist van drives past an Egyptian man. Every other shot that shows the desert in the background shows no sign of the Egyptian man. Not even a sign of him walking back the way he came.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gru steals the shrink ray, his minion puts it in a glass thing. The minion doesn't close the glass door on it, but when it shows Gru and his other minion laughing for victory, the glass door is closed. And the minion didn't have enough time to close the glass container thing.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gru goes to get Agnes, Margo, and Edith from Vector from his "lair" (after giving him the moon) he puts his face against the camera and it displays Gru as taking up the full screen. When he then punches the camera it shows only a small portion of the screen is taken up.

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Continuity mistake: The girls shoot the freeze ray at Gru and he gets covered in ice. After his flashback he falls back and the ice shatters. But when Gru says "But I...", the ice has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: When Margo is reading out Vector's cookie order to Vector, Edith and Agnes are seen putting the last six boxes of cookies on the table. The cookies aren't there in the next shot.

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Continuity mistake: Gru enters the Bank of Evil and starts walking through a corridor. As he starts to walk, he begins to walk past the first pillar. In the next shot, he has suddenly walked past at least 3 pillars.

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Continuity mistake: When Gru takes the girls to his house just after adopting them, there is a newspaper on his lawn, lying completely on the grass. In the next shot, part of it is on the dirt pathway.


Continuity mistake: When Gru is hit by all of the missiles and guns that pop out of Vector's fortress he is standing right outside the large door, but in the next shot after he emerges from the crater he is in the middle of the street.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Perkins is looking at a picture of him and Vector, he sets the picture frame down. In a few shots, the frame disappears.


Continuity mistake: Edith disintegrates Agnes's unicorn and a pile of ashes is left on the ground. In two shots, the pile of ashes moves slightly further from Agnes.


Continuity mistake: After Dr. Nefario uses the fart gun on a minion, the minion falls off the table after being knocked out. Several shots later, the minion is gone without getting up and moving.


Continuity mistake: When Gru gets shot with all those guns at the end of his attempts to get in Vector's house before he first sees the girls, his goggles are at the top of his head. After he gets shot, the dust is not over his eyes, indicating that his goggles were over his eyes, shielding them from the dust.

Factual error: When the little boy drops his ice cream on the ground and Gru makes him a balloon dog, notice that the dog's ears are not connected to each other. This would be impossible to make unless you used two balloons, but it only showed Gru using one.

Continuity mistake: When Gru enters the bank, the glass wall that the banker is seen behind is a type of glass that you can hardly see anyone behind. The next shot shows a glass wall that you can see the banker behind.

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Continuity mistake: At the assembly, Gru shows everyone the Vegas Statue of Liberty. It wasn't there any shot prior to this.

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Gru: Do you speak Spanish?
Miss Hattie: Do I look like someone who speaks Spanish?
Gru: It's just that your face is so... Como es burro.
Miss Hattie: Oh! Why, thank you!

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Trivia: When Gru enters the Bank of Evil, you can see it says in small letters,"Formerly Lehman Brothers"

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