Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Revealing mistake: During the opening scene, when the ninjas begin to arrive through the portal, in several shots as they leap about, you can tell the stuntmen were filmed in front of a greenscreen and crudely "cut out" and placed over the footage. They're very strange-looking and have a weird jagged border around them. Some of them are also missing pieces of themselves or look like they were improperly "cut out."

Revealing mistake: When Rayden and Khan face off at the beginning, when Rayden says "As long as I have the power, Khan...", look at the background. The tree and pillar behind them look very crude, with fuzziness and haze around them from where they were rotoscopped so the background could be added behind them.

Continuity mistake: During the Liu Kang vs Baraka fight, at one point, two more Barakas swing down on chains. Liu kicks them off the chains, and they simply disappear for the rest of the scene. They didn't fall into the firepits, as you can hear them hit the ground, nor would the fall have killed them, as they aren't high off the ground. They simply... disappear.


Revealing mistake: During the Scorpion VS Sub-Zero fight, at one point, Scorpion kicks Sub-Zero and he almost falls into a lava pit, falling and wedging himself next to a stone pillar. (It's the bit where Liu has to jump across to save him.) When he hits the stone pillar, it wobbles like it's made of styrofoam, revealing it's not really stone.


Shao Kahn: You should have killed me... when you had the chance... brother.
Rayden: My brother died a long time ago. His heart, anyway.

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Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, when Rayden 'shoots himself' against Kahn, he makes a strange cry, which is actually from the Mortal Kombat II games.

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