Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, when Rayden 'shoots himself' against Kahn, he makes a strange cry, which is actually from the Mortal Kombat II games.

Trivia: When Rayden fights it is actually Ray Park fighting, the guy who played Darth Maul in Episode 1. He also played Toad in X-Men.

Trivia: The actress who plays Mileena was actually the stunt double for Kitana in the first film. This is pretty ironic, as the character Mileena is a clone of Kitana in the video-game lore.


Trivia: Originaly, Sheeva was meant to have a larger presence in the film, and was even going to have a two-on-one fight scene with Liu Kang and Raiden. Unfortunately, last minute budget cuts meant that most of her scenes had to be scrapped. This explains her limited screentime and rather abrupt, unceremonious death.


Trivia: According to producer Laurence Kasanoff, the version of the film released in theaters was not the intended final version, but rather a rough workprint cut. The visual effects weren't even close to being finished, and the film was meant to be re-edited to give it a more cohesive, deliberate pace and to fix some of the more noticeable errors. Kasanoff reportedly wanted to delay the film's release six months to properly finish it. However, executives at New Line simply shrugged and said "It's gonna be a hit regardless, so just release it as-is." To this day, Kasanoff considers the film incomplete.


Trivia: In addition to starring as Liu Kang, Robin Shou was also the fight choreographer for many of the battles. He was stretched so thin on-set due to performing this double-duty under a very tight schedule, that he actually barely appeared in several of his own fight sequences, often only filming closeups or specific stunts. A prime example is the Liu VS Baraka fight, in which much of the fight was actually performed by future movie-star Tony Jaa.


Trivia: Michael Jai White was initially cast as Jax, but dropped out of the film when he got the lead role in the comic-book movie "Spawn." However, White eventually ended up playing the role of Jax fourteen years later in the web-series "Mortal Kombat: Legacy."


Trivia: Both Motaro and Jax are played by former members of the show "American Gladiators." Jax is played by Lynn Williams, who went by the name "Sabre" on the show. While Motaro was played by Deron McBee, who went by the name "Malibu."


Trivia: One of only two films co-written by producer Lawrence Kasanoff, who also produced the original movie. The other film he co-wrote is the animated film "Foodfight!" Both that film and this film are notorious for their low quality.


Trivia: The film notoriously recast many of its main characters. Linden Ashby, who co-starred in the original as Johnny Cage, hated the script and refused to return - hence his character getting recast and unceremoniously killed off in the first scene. Bridgette Wilson, whom played Sonya Blade in the first film, similarly turned down the chance to reappear. Christopher Lambert, whom played Rayden in the original wanted to return, but was unable to free up enough time as he was working on another film.


Trivia: As unbelievable as it sounds given the almost ridiculous amount of characters in the movie, several other characters from the games were in the film in early cuts, but were removed from the finished film for timing and pacing reasons. This notably includes Quan Chi, one of the villains of the series, who was going to appear in the film in several scenes including the climax. His content was removed, but behind-the-scenes photos and videos of an actor in makeup for the role can be found online.


Trivia: Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the first film, was offered the chance to direct again, but had to turn it down. He has stated that this is one of his biggest regrets, as he hated this movie, and felt that if he had returned, he could have helped steer it in the right direction.


Trivia: There have been many jokes made about the amount of backflips in this film since its release. In actuality, if you total up all of the flips (including front, back, sideways, etc.), there are over 50 flips in the film - or almost one for every 90 seconds of screentime.


Trivia: Despite the poor critical and fan reception of this film, the continued popularity of the original "Mortal Kombat" movie led the producers to try and make a third film for nearly fifteen years, though the project was eventually shelved in favor of a theatrical reboot. A third film entitled "Mortal Kombat: Devastation" actually officially went into production in 2005, but had to be cancelled when Hurricane Katrina destroyed all of the film's sets in New Orleans.

Continuity mistake: Shao Kahn removes his cape in the final battle. When Motaro breaks Jax's bionic arm, holds it up and Shao Kahn shouts "Yes!", Shao Kahn is wearing his cape again.

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Nightwolf: Cool, huh? It's my Animality.

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Question: How is Scorpion back in this movie when Johnny Cage killed him in the first one?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: The films never address this but in the games Scorpion is an undead revenant and can't really be killed in a conventional sense.


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